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What makes a good carer? How to find a great carer?

Finding a good carer is not an easy task. It has to be someone who is trustworthy, compassionate and equipped to face challenges that come when caring for elderly with deteriorating health.

Before you start asking yourself how to find a good carer, you should type into Google “what is a good carer”. That way you will read about all the necessary skills and traits that good carer has to possess.

Qualities of a good carer – flexibility

Availability and reliability is one of the basic requirements of a good carer. They work unusual hours, making sure that the needs of a senior are met at all hours of the day (and if needed also at night). Carers are used to ever-changing daily schedule as they have to accommodate to the individual. Every workday looks completely different.

On top of that live-in carer works on a rotation usually in 6 or 8 weeks periods then taking a couple of weeks off. It is a lifestyle not suited to everyone.

Polish carer

Qualities of a good carer – patience

Ageing comes with plethora of physical issues, that can be frustrating. Our bodies simply don’t work as well as they used to. Simple tasks suddenly are much harder and take much longer to complete, thus irritability or even aggression will understandably arise.

Good carer should patiently handle each situation. They must adapt to the (much slower) pace of a senior and be ready to help and wait if needed. At the same time great caregiver will encourage elder to do various activates by themselves.

Qualities of a good carer – empathy

Probably the most important quality of a good carer – caring nature. Putting another’s needs before your own is immensely difficult and requires great strength. Placing yourself in senior’s shoes will help to understand their unique situation. After all, being cared for by a stranger is a whole new reality, especially for a person who is used to being fully independent.

That’s why being compassionate, sensitive and supportive is crucial. It will create a close relationship between carer and patient. Bond that is based on mutual trust and will help providing the individual support elders need.

Carer helping senior

Qualities of a good carer – positivity

Many elders suffer from depression and mood swings, thus carer must have a positive attitude in order to lift the spirits of a client. It has been proven that cultivating positivity in everyday life will improve mental health in a long run.

A good sense of humour will also soothe senior in a stressful situation. Sunny disposition can also encourage cooperation and help shape a positive attitude towards patient’s old age.

Qualities of a good carer – organizational skills

On top of the flexibility, patience, empathy and positivity there is one other personality trait believed to indicate whether a person will adapt well to being a carer. We are talking about having great organizational skills, because they are in charge of a whole daily routine, medicine schedule and more. Being practical and observant is crucial when caring for others. Carers have to be alert to every change in elders behaviour as it can be caused by underlying health issue. The quicker they take action, the better the outcome will be for client.

It is a stressful and straining job, so ability to think on the spot and being calm in the crisis is a must.

Carer from Poland

Why Polish people are good carers?

According to the majority of our clients Polish carers are the best at their job, because they possess all the qualities mention above.

Empathy and hospitality are traits rooted deeply in polish culture. Polish saying goes: “A guest in the house, God in the house” and it perfectly represents the level of friendliness and strong sense of duty towards other people.

Poles are kind-hearted and considerate especially towards the elders and less-abled. It comes from an old-fashioned upbringing.

Stories about hard-working, dedicated Poles are told among many nations of Western Europe. You can be sure, that Polish carers would be willing to go the extra mile in order to help seniors maintain a good quality of life.

Last but not the least Polish carers are resourceful – trait that comes from living in imposed communism for 50 years. It also means they are willing to learn and obtain new skills in their job.