dementia activities and games

Dementia activities and games

How to keep someone with dementia busy? How dementia affects activities of daily living? Those question often loom large in carers mind. We are here to resolve any doubts by giving you some examples of free activities for dementia patients.
one to one care for dementia patient

One to one care for dementia patients

Dementia is a neurological disease affecting the brain and causing the rapid decline of cognitive function. Your elderly loved one may have troubles with memory, thinking and eventually they won't be able to perform daily activities. What does one to one care for dementia patients look like?
Dementia patient eating healthy

The best diet for dementia patients

The diet has real impact on reducing the risk of dementia. Medical professionals developed diet that will effectively keep up mental strength in old age.
Dementia patient looks at photos

How to care for someone with dementia?

Living with dementia is scary, confusing and stressful. The support of our loved one is crucial and will be beyond helpful in those challenging times. Find out, how to care for someone who suffers from dementia.

How to care for dementia patients at Christmas?

For most of us Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately for dementia patients the holidays can be confusing and stressful. Crowded rooms, loud noises and bright lights are the ultimate enemies of elders struggling with dementia. Learn how to ensure peaceful Christmas for older member of your family.
dolls on a grass

Doll therapy in dementia care

Have you ever heard of using dolls as a form of therapy for dementia patients? This is a very controversial approach but has been proven an effective and powerful tool for fighting agitation and aggression in dementia patients.
dementia patient in a bottle

Difficulties in caring for dementia patients

There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with this number predicted to rise to over 1 million by 2025. It is said that it will soar further to 2 million by 2051. As a carer, it is important to know how to manage day-to-day problems when looking after a person with dementia.

How to choose dementia gifts?

Finding a gift for somebody that suffers from dementia may require some effort, but it is worth it. In later stages of the disease, dementia gifts should be engaging and stimulating. We present a couple of present ideas, divided into several categories.
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What is the true cost of dementia care?

In the current complex social care, financing dementia is a controversial problem. Unlike other serious conditions, for example, cancer, dementia is not fully state-financed. Find out more what is the best solution in these challenging circumstances.
Portrait of happy grandmother with her daughter

How to talk to a person with dementia

For the person suffering from dementia, it is, unfortunately, a matter of time for the disease to progress and for the deterioration to be observed. The minor forgetfulness gradually transforms into a severe impairment, and in such state, the individuality of the person is somehow lost.