The Emotional Challenges of Dementia Care

When Dementia Strikes: A Guide for Caregivers

Caring for someone with dementia can be an emotionally challenging journey riddled with overwhelming stress. Many family caregivers struggle to keep up with the emotional toll and the demanding nature of this responsibility. As a result, many easily crack under pressure, suffering from caregiver burnout and, in the worst case, depression.
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Transitioning to Live-In Care: Tips for a Smooth Adjustment

A smooth adjustment to live-in care benefits all parties involved, including the caregiver, senior and their family. It reduces anxiety, stress and the sense of isolation that most elderly individuals often experience during the transition. But how do you ensure a seamless transition to live-in care?
Understanding dementia: A guide for families of seniors with the disease

Understanding dementia behaviours: A guide on help for the elderly living at home and their families

Dementia is a serious and often shamed illness associated with many misconceptions, so today we present our guide created to provide help for the elderly living at home. We discuss the importance of appropriate home care for the elderly in their own homes, as well as the challenges of memory loss and living with dementia.
How to improve memory in seniors

How to improve senior’s memory? – top brain activities and dementia memory aids

Memory loss in old age is a normal condition to some extent, but sometimes it can be a sign of dementia. However, it is not a no-go matter, as today you will learn the best ideas for brain actives, beneficial dementia memory aids and advice on how to help loved ones suffering from memory loss in old age.
eating and the prevention of Alzheimers disease

Top Principles Of Suitable Eating And The Prevention Of Alzheimer's disease and dementia

According to research, a properly composed diet enriched with the appropriate minerals and vitamins can be a way to prevent senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, be sure to read this article and find out the relationship between dementia and diet and learn the most influential foods to prevent dementia.
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How To Help Someone With Early-Stage Dementia?

Dementia cannot be cured, but it can be halted and patients' quality of life enhanced. That is why today we are telling you how to help someone with early dementia, and telling about the best way of dementia support, namely the advantages of hiring live-in carers for elderly parents and relatives.
Sensory Activites for people with dementia

Top Sensory Activities for Dementia Patients

Dementia cannot be cured, but it can be significantly inhibited with sensory stimulation, especially carried out by a specialist in live-in dementia care. That's why today we are recommending the best sensory activities for dementia patients so that you can introduce them to your loved ones with dementia.
Reminiscence activites/therapy for dementia

Reminiscence therapy and activities for dementia patients

Would you like to help a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's disease? Have you heard of reminiscence therapy? You've come to the right place as today, we share all the information about reminiscence therapy and suggest ideas for elderly activities to help you support seniors suffering from dementia.
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Dementia Live-in Care with Veritas Care

Dementia is a common disease that is often still under-reported. Therefore, to fill this gap here is an article about this condition and the ways of caring for someone with dementia. Find out how to care for your loved ones and discover the best live-in dementia care in the UK.
Music therapy for dementia

Music Therapy in Dementia Treatment

Senile dementia is a common and severe condition. Find out how music therapy can help your loved one with senile dementia. Today, we will tell you what is music therapy is, what forms it takes as well as advise on what music to choose for therapy for people with Alzheimer's and dementia.