lack of appetite in elderly women and man

Lack of appetite in the Elderly

Many seniors may struggle during meal time. Eating is a struggle due to various health conditions. It can also suppress the appetite. What can you do to combat lack of appetite in the elderly?
elderly parents

How to deal with elderly parents

Dealing with parents anger every day would exhaust anyone. Older people suffering from dementia can be abusive and irrational, however this situation is not hopeless. We have some useful tips for coping with elderly parents who behave badly.

Nutrition for elderly – how to maintain healthy diet when you’re older?

Bowel-related issues would put a damper on anyone's day. Unfortunately people who are over 60 years old have to face this issue quite frequently. What foods should elderly avoid? How to maintain healthy diet when you’re older? Read on and find out!
Safe home for seniors

Making home safe for seniors

Making homes safe for elderly should be our numer one priority. Often small, but necessary modifications won’t entail additional costs. Here are easy tips on how to make home safer for seniors.
Protecting seniors

How to shield and protect elderly from COVID-19?

Recently NHS published extensive guidelines for those who are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus. Find out, if your elderly loved one is amongst the "vulnerable" group.
Elderly hygiene care

Personal hygiene care for the elderly – best practices for grooming and hygiene for seniors

Keeping up with the personal hygiene is important for our well-being. Unfortunately our elderly loved-ones often struggle to maintain good hygiene. Find out, what are the best practices for grooming and hygiene for seniors.
3 generations

The "sandwich generation": adult children of the ageing parents

People who are caring for both their elderly parents and their own children under 18 years old are called “sandwich generation”. The adults are somewhat squeezed - "sandwiched" - between their parents and their own children.
Elderly couple and their daughter

Caring for elderly parents

Our parents are the most important people in our lives. We should treat them with respect and dignity, so they can live long and happily. Why should we take care of our senior parents? What can we do if we are unable to take care of our parents ourselves?

15 Standards of the Care Certificate - Personal Development of Our Carers

The Care Certificate is a set of 15 standards that social care…