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The importance of staying hydrated - signs of dehydration

Dehydration is a serious condition that may even be life-threatening, therefore it shouldn't be neglected. It is particularly dangerous for elderly people, who tend to get dehydrated more easily. Find out more how to prevent dehydration.
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The "sandwich generation": adult children of the ageing parents

People who are caring for both their elderly parents and their own children under 18 years old are called “sandwich generation”. The adults are somewhat squeezed - "sandwiched" - between their parents and their own children.
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Caring for elderly parents

Our parents are the most important people in our lives. We should treat them with respect and dignity, so they can live long and happily. Why should we take care of our senior parents? What can we do if we are unable to take care of our parents ourselves?
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How to recognize that your parents are getting old?

The decision of sending your old parents in a care home or providing…
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The Treatments Older Adults May Not Need

Over treatment is a persistent problem among the aging population. Research…
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Do All Seniors Need Geriatric Care?

Who needs a Geriatrician? Whether your parent should see a…
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Adapting to Technology for the Elderly

In an age of growing digitalisation and human reliance on technology,…
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Caregiving Tips for Traveling With Seniors

You don't have to cancel the annual family vacation just because…
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Taking Too Many Medications May Be Bad For Your Health

The aging population has a big drug problem — prescription…
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How to Help a Loved One with Speech Aphasia

The only experience I’ve had with the speech and language problem…