How do you differ from other care agencies?

In Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth, was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtues, thus our motto is: ‘Truth and Trust’.

We specialise in low-cost live-in care. We are introducing a new approach to the UK, developed through our experience in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and UK where we have served over 17,000 customers within the past 7 years. Quality is a must in Germany, so our services are subject to the highest standards. Our prices are generally 40% lower than average care rates in UK.

What is Live-in Care from Veritas?

At Veritas Care, we believe in care that looks to ‘the old days’ – when family members took care of their loved ones in the friendliest environment – the patient’s own home. We would like to share our unique approach with you. All of our carers are good natured with hearts to help vulnerable people. We deliver care at home with the personal touch.

Are carers insured?

There is no statutory requirement for a self-employed carer to have Public Liability or Professional Indemnity insurance. We recommend all carers are insured but ultimately, this at the client’s discretion. Veritas Care will ensure all carers have a valid insurance policy in place if this is requested by a client.

How do I pay my carer? Do I have to pay upfront?

Typically care services are paid on weekly basis, but if you request to change your payment plan we can amend it to your needs. Weekly payments are paid by bank transfer or direct debit. You never pay upfront for care services.

Is there a minimum contract length?

We are flexible about how long your carer stays with you. The length of stay is usually based on the individual requirements of our clients. This will be agreed between you and your carer. We recommend minimum stay of 6 weeks and you can arrange for a long term stay, up to 12 months, if required. In rare cases, if the client does not feel the match is right, we can make arrangements to replace your carer. When placing a carer, we always take into account our clients’ preferences in relation to our carer’s character, religion and cultural beliefs.

Is my carer assigned to me or can I choose my own carer?

You can choose your own carer! You will be requested to complete our enquiry form with details that allow us to match the best candidate for your needs. We will send the carer’s detailed profile for your review and then, if you are happy with all the criteria, we will organise an interview in person or via Skype. If you are not sure about this particular carer, we will offer other profiles until there is a successful match. In all cases, you can be assured that you will be provided with all the information you need prior to meeting the carer for the first time, so that you have a clear idea of their personality and skills.

If I am not comfortable with the live-in carer, can I request a replacement?

Of course! Your carer is always entirely your choice. If you would like to change at any time you can contact our office. We will talk through the reasons for your decision; understand your concerns and endeavour to introduce another carer who will suit you better.

At Veritas Care we maintain close contact with our clients and our carers, so if at any time you feel as though things are not working out, we will happily find a suitable replacement.

Do the carers have all relevant qualification and certifications?

Throughout our interview and training process, we get to know our candidates’ strengths and weaknesses which helps us to maintain a reliable team of carers. Our candidates have long-term experience as live-in carers gained in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK.

All of our carers are trained to the highest standards at the Academy of Care, run by our sister company, and are fully competent to carry out their tasks. Furthermore, all carers undertake ongoing professional development, so that we can provide the best possible live-in care for our clients. We always take into account our clients’ preferences in relation to our carers’ character, interests and cultural beliefs.

Our carer training includes:

  • 15 standards of Care Certificate – as recommended by CQC
  • Medication Administration
  • Dementia Awareness
  • Moving and Handling
  • Basic Life Support

Do the carers have a valid DBS check?

All of our carers have the most up-to-date enhanced criminal record check through the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) in the UK and no criminal conviction certificates from their country of residence, where applicable.

Are you CQC regulated?

We operate as a private job placement agency and therefore, fall outside the scope of the Health and Social Care Act 2008. This means we are not regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We have provided live-in care to over 17,000 customers in Germany Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and UK, and this unique experience in the field is our best qualification.

What recruitment checks do you provide?

A lot! Our screening process is very extensive and strict. We obtain and verify recent professional and personal references, carry out identification checks, apply for an enhanced criminal record check through the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) in the UK and obtain a police check from the carer’s country of residence where applicable. We conduct interviews to assess written & spoken English, personality and hobbies. We collect evidence of recent training by professional bodies and we consider candidate’s work experience. We also undertake personality analyses and psychometric tests.

Our commitment to reliability and our specialist expertise and experience means we will not let you down.

Do we have to pay extra for the carer’s travel?

No, you don’t have to pay extra for the carer’s travel.

Are the carers introduced by Veritas Care employed or self-employed?

Carers introduced by Veritas Care are self-employed. This has some great benefits all-round: the carers are engaged to work for a duration of time that suits both of you and the carer is responsible for their own tax and National Insurance contributions.

What areas do you cover?

We can introduce a carer anywhere in the UK.

When does my carer arrive?

We need around 5 working days to organise the carer’s arrival to your home. The exact date and time will be agreed between you and your carer.

Can I cancel a contract?

You can cancel a contract at any time. The initial two weeks of the contract are treated as a probationary period when either party can cancel at any time. After this period, the standard two weeks’ notice applies.

Do I need to pay employers National Insurance?

No, our carers work on a self-employed basis and there is no statutory requirement to pay Employers NI.