Care home coronavirus

Coronavirus at care home in Brighton. Facility is on lockdown

Care homes in the UK are struggling for quite some time. Lately it has been reported, that council workers in Essex are not able to place everyone in care homes, the demand is simply too great. The amount of elderly that need the place in nursing homes doubled in comparison to last year.

However, this troublesome issue is not limited to southeast of England. There are plenty of “care deserts” – areas in which it is not possible to find a place in any care home. On top of that the standard of care continue deteriorate in these facilities.

Brighton care homes closed due to coronavirus

A Brighton and Hove nursing home was reportedly closed to all visitors, because of a possibility of coronavirus outbreak. One of the healthcare workers diagnosed with coronavirus visited last week.

The Elderly are at high risk of contracting the virus and developing serious complications. A spokeswoman for the care home at Brighton said:

“It is important to state that no-one at the home is unwell. However, following the closure of the local GP surgery, as a precaution we have closed the home to all visitors. If official advice is issued, we will follow it but, as a responsible care home and employer, we have put in place our own checks on residents and staff”.

At the moment none of the 30 residents is sick.