Duties of a live in carer

What do live in caregivers do?

Ageing is a natural part of a lifecycle. Unfortunately it comes with a quite few changes which prevent us from continuing to live independently. Senior loved ones will need some help and hiring a live in carer may be the answer.

What does live in caregiver mean? Live in caregiver definition states as follows: it is a person who provides a complete, bespoke 24-hour care for elderly at their home. Thanks to this one-to-one service, you can be sure that the needs of your love one are more than met.

Daily responsibilities of a live in caregiver

The rapid ageing of the population means that senior care is an issue that many of us will have to face eventually. However, being a professional carer, although extremely rewarding, is not easy. We want our stay-in caregiver to be not only a kind soul. But most importantly, a qualified and highly trained individual. He or she will provide our loved one with necessary care, but also give them sense of dignity and stability.

Main responsibility of a senior live in caregiver is to help with various daily activities. The scope of duties depends both on the mobility and health of the elder and on what help the family requires. Therefore, the obligations will be determined before the beginning of the contract between the carer and the patient (or their family).

What carers do?

Daily responsibilities of a live in caregiver include:

  • Companionship and emotional support – sometimes simply just being there for someone is enough. Carer will spend time and talk with senior. They are going to encourage different forms of activity and help in shaping a positive attitude towards one’s old age.
  • Personal care – assistance with washing, grooming, dressing and toileting.
  • Assistance with medicine – older family member will need some help with their medicine. The Elderly often suffer from chronic illness, that require having complicated medication regimens. Senior live in caregiver will make sure, that pills are taken in right dosage at the right time of the day.
  • Meal preparation and feeding – depending on the client needs, preparing meals may be one of the carer duties. All the dietary restriction will be taken into consideration.
  • Housekeeping – maintaining a clean home becomes increasingly more difficult as we age. Caregiver is going to help out with domestic duties inc. vacuuming, doing the laundry, ironing and others.
  • Limited mobility assistance – helping with moving around the house will be a crucial responsibility for some caregivers. They are going to ensure their client is safe at home.
  • Animal care – it has been proven, that having an animal is extremely beneficial for elders mental health. Unfortunately many elderly will have trouble taking care of a beloved cat or dog. Your carer is going to step in and help.
  • Handling small errands – including shopping, collecting prescriptions and going to the post office.


How much does a live in carer cost

Live in care allows your family member to retain as much independence as possible by living in their home. Those recognizable surroundings are especially beneficial for clients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. That form of senior care will allow elders to continue with their hobbies and find comfort in daily habits. That familiar routine will bring comfort and reduce stress, but how much is a live in carer?

The cost of live in care is very much dependent on level of care your loved one needs. Typically, the cost of 24-hour professional care would be much higher than the price for care home stay. That is not the case with Veritas Care. We provide full scope of affordable care services from just £623 a week for a single person.

There are also plethora of funding opportunities that can be implemented into your payment program. Elderly care in Great Britain is not financed by NHS. Your local council decides, if you’re eligible for help.

In order to qualify for financial support for live in care your means will have to be tested. Council assesses financial assets (including income from benefits and pensions) and their ability to pay for care. If your assets have a value of less than £14,250, then you will not have to contribute to the cost of funding your care.

You may be wondering now how much do live in caregivers make? Carers employed by Veritas Care are highly trained, often they’re retired nurses with experience in care-giving. The salary depends on level of assistance you or your loved one requires.