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How to choose the best live in care agency?

Live in care is quickly becoming more popular care solution for families across the whole UK. However, the task of choosing a home care agency remains a huge challenge for many. In this article we explain what constitutes best live in care agencies.
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Why choose Veritas home care agency?

Why it's worth choosing Veritas Care? We are experienced live-in care agency. We aim is to provide high-quality affordable live-in care. Our carers undergo an extensive recruitment process and are subject to background screening.

Our Customer recounts their care home experiences

Why call it a “care” home when nobody cares? Our Customer recounts her mother’s shocking experiences of living in a care home. Luckily, in this case, the negligence in a care home was identified fast.
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What are the options for funding live-in care?

With many of us wanting to remain living at home whilst we receive…
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What is Live in Care

Live-in care is an alternative option for those seeking extra…
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What are the Pros and Cons of using a Live in Carer

With live-in care being one of many options available to those…