Safe home for seniors

Making home safe for seniors

When we think about getting old, we rarely associate it with the need to completely change our home. Meanwhile, it is extremely important to not only feel comfortable and relaxed in our everyday environment, but be safe as well. You have to know that the risk of falling increases with age. More than half of seniors 80 or older fall annually and many of them end up in hospital. Here are easy tips on how to make home safer for seniors.

Prevent falls the easy way

With age our motor skills worsen. It’s a normal part of life, but as previously stated elderly loved ones are prone to dangerous falls. Adding extra grab rails and ramps may be necessary for senior with limited mobility. But at first you can make the space risk free by rearranging the furniture. It won’t entail additional costs. Go around seniors living room, office and bedroom. Make sure to help your ageing parents by moving the furniture so there is a clear pathway through rooms. Avoid clutter and take into account walking aids – if elder is using one you need to give him more clear space to manoeuvre it.

Remove all the small rugs or tape them to the floor. If senior is walks everyday on slippery floor, smooth surface buy them slippers with no-slip or robber soles. The elderly often rush to the phone when it rings. Upgrade them to a cordless phone or even better – cell phone. Convince the loved one to carry it in the pocket.

Make sure all the room are properly lit. Sometimes elders would forget to turn on the light, when entering the space. Installing intelligent lighting will solve that problem.

Ageing parent

Safety-proof seniors home

In order to make sure, that home is safer for seniors we have to invest in some essential home modification. Preventive measures can make a space age friendly and will allow seniors to retain their dignity by living independently.


Bathroom – the most dangerous place in the house will need special attention when making home safe for seniors. Fortunately we can make it age friendly fairly easy. Invest in anti-slip mats for floor, shower and bathtub first.

Install grab rails near the toilet and in the shower and bathtub. Putting the stool in the shower is also a great idea. Your elderly loved one will be able to use the toiler without any assistance, allowing them to still feel independent and safe.

grab rails for bathroom


If person loves cooking they will not stop when their health deteriorates. Many seniors find making meals therapeutic and continue to do it even when they are struggling to cope with basic daily tasks. Fire hazard is the main concern. Provide automatic cut-offs for gas and cookers, that will automatically turn off the gas supply, when left unattended for certain period of time.

However, if senior is struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s cooking or even being in the kitchen alone is extremely dangerous. As a family member you should look into hiring a live-in carer.

Employ a carer

In some cases ageing parents will continue to struggle despite all the safety features you installed in their home. Understandably, you will become increasingly worried and start to look for another solution. While thinking through your care options, you may find that the home care is not the only answer. 24-hour live in care can be a beneficial and cost-effective alternative.

Live-in carer working for Veritas Care will provide one-to-one service that includes companionship, personal care, assistance with medicine, housekeeping, animal care mel preparation and more.

Elderly parent

By hiring live-in carer you can be sure that the needs of tour loved one are met. They will be safe and still independent, as they continue to live in the familiar space of their own home.