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Everything you need to know about elderly care

Getting old comes with both with gifts and challenges. There are plenty of reasons why we should look forward to growing old. It is important to understand that a lot of seniors will continue to live independently for years to come. However, the time may come when changes in physical and mental health will lead to decline in the standard of life. We have to be aware of how the process of ageing is affecting them and what we can do to meet their needs, which will be ever-changing.

When is home care for elderly necessary?

Recognizing that your elderly parent needs support is a very difficult step. Elderly home care becomes a necessity when they start to struggle on their own. Not being able to manage activities of daily living – e.g. cleaning both the house and themselves, toileting, cooking, shopping, taking meds and more. It will usually happen gradually and is very easy to miss.

Failing to keep up with hygiene would be the first warning sign. The reasons may be twofold – losing sense of smell or being afraid of the slipping on the wet bathroom floor. Advanced arthritis which causes limited mobility will prevent your elderly loved one from moving safely around their house.

Not remembering to take the prescribed medication will be the most dangerous. If you notice seniors sudden decline in health ask them whether they’re taking tablets. Take into considerations that parents won’t like the idea of elderly home care. Refusing to accept help and support is a normal thing for a person who’s been independent for years. Be patient, introduce the idea of affordable elderly home care and always involve them in a decision-making process.

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Understand common diagnoses associated with age

In order to provide good, targeted elder live in care you have to know gain knowledge about common elderly health issues. If your loved one is suffering from one or more of those, you may have to consider home care for elderly.

  •  Cognitive disorders – as the name indicates diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia significantly impair the cognitive functions: problem-solving, memory, speech and language.
  • Cardiovascular diseases – affecting the heart are the most common death cause nowadays. This umbrella term encompasses coronary artery diseases, stroke, heart failure, hypertensive heart disease and many more.
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis – both affect mobility of a senior. The complications will include chronic pain and broken bones.
  • Diabetes – the body has difficulty processing the sugars from the food you eat, leading to high blood sugar levels and further complications. The disease is not fatal and can be controlled by diet and exercise.

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Affordable elderly home care

While looking for best support for your loved one, taking into consideration all care services option is wise. Elderly care homes although a cheap alternative are lacking bespoke, personal care. The standard is lower compared to 24-hour care at their home. Moreover, the sudden change of familiar surroundings may cause a lot of stress, confusion or even aggression.

Elderly home care will be perfectly tailored to the specific need of each patient. Carers are trained to provide care for senior suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, stroke and many more. You should start looking for affordable elderly home care which knowing how to choose the best live in care agency? Read our guide.