palliative care at home for cancer

Palliative Care at Home for Cancer Patients

Palliative care is a very responsible and difficult job, requiring a lot of knowledge, tact and empathy. If your loved one is suffering from a terminal illness, it is a good idea to find out how to care for them. And that is what today's article is about.
elderly loneliness

Elderly Loneliness in Care Homes vs. Live-in Care

Loneliness is not only unpleasant feelings and emotions but a serious threat to health and life, especially in the case of elderly loneliness. Therefore, today we compare how isolation in care homes is experienced with living in care and suggest how to relieve this difficult emotional condition among seniors.
Elderly gaming

Elderly Gaming – Fun Online Games for Seniors

Elderly gaming is not just a way to provide new experiences, fun and heaps of laughter! It is also, and perhaps most importantly, a way to keep the mind sharp and creative, and even improve manual skills and brain reaction times. Hence we present the most interesting free brain games for seniors!
Heart attack in women

Ways To Prevent Heart Disease for the Elderly

Introducing the most effective and easiest ways to avoid heart disease. We guide you through the intricacies of a healthy diet to support heart disease prevention, provide ideas for safe, active recreation and discuss the heart disease signs in older people. A definite must-read!
man doing gentle exercises

The Safest and Most Beneficial Types of Sports for Older People

Physical activity has a tremendous impact on health and life expectancy, so it is not worth neglecting it even in old age. For this reason, we present the safest and most beneficial types of sports for older people, which will improve not only the health but also the well-being of seniors!
man sitting in a wheel chair alone

Fighting Back Against Loneliness and Social Isolation With Ageing

Old age does not have to be connected with loneliness and being on the outside of social relations! You can grow old comfortably and with people who are close to you! Especially nowadays, when we can communicate with people from all over the world! Still not convinced? Here are ways to fight back against loneliness and social isolation with ageing!
dressing aids for elderly

Dressing aids for Elderly

As we get older, we find it harder to cope with everyday tasks such as getting dressed or doing housework. Fortunately, manufacturers are meeting seniors' expectations by offering interesting dressing aids for Elderly to help them maintain their self-reliance and vigour.
two men playing chess

Memory games for seniors

When your parents reach retirement age, the best thing you can do for them is to make them happy while simultaneously challenging their minds and improving their daily lives. There a few things you can do to achieve that, like introducing them to entertaining brain and memory games.
why celebrate grandparents day

How grandparents are important in our life?

The most important life lesson we learn not in school, but from our ageing parents. Knowing that patience is a virtue, making time for what matters most and learning to value human interaction are only a few things that grandparents can teach you.
care for elderly

Everything you need to know about elderly care

The time may come when changes in physical and mental health will lead to decline in the standard of life. We have to be aware of how the process of ageing is affecting them and what we can do to meet their needs, which will be ever-changing.