Activities for elderly and their carers

Staying active in your golden years will exponentially improve the standard of living. Seniors don't have to stop having productive leisure time, even if they're struggling with dementia of Alzheimer's. In order to stay sharp, elderly must be exposed to various kinds of mental, social and physical stimuli. Games for elderly are proven to have several major health benefits.
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Care options for elderly parents

Getting old is inevitable. Helping our parents to get old gracefully and peacefully is our obligation. But what if our parents live alone and feel lonely? Help them to feel there is always somebody there for them and they can count on you. If needed, help to organise a professional carer to look after them.
Live-in care

24 hour care at home for elderly

If you are considering the best care option for your elderly loved one, live-in care could be a good alternative. This type of care is personalised care. The elderly person is not forced to change their familiar surroundings, they can maintain their independence.
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Depression in the elderly

When everything feels too hard and the things that the senior previously enjoyed no longer bring the same joy... Depression is not a normal part of getting older but is a common problem among older adults.
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Gift ideas for the elderly

It is not an easy task to find a perfect gift for elderly loved ones. They usually say they "have everything" and say they don't need anything new. We have gathered some gift ideas and have put them into several categories.