Cost of carer

How much does a live in carer cost?

Providing safe and comfortable solution is something everyone looking for elderly care is striving for. While thinking through your care options, you may find that the care home is not the only answer. 24-hour live in care can be a beneficial alternative. It is not only much more affordable than you may think, but also will improve a quality of elders life exponentially.

How much does a live in carer cost is a very commonly asked question. Find out what influences the cost of live in caregiver.

Care home vs Home care

Advantages of hiring a full time carer far outweigh the cons. Your loved one gets to stay at home he knows and loves without compromising their independence. The support provided by a carer is perfectly suited to seniors needs.

As for the care homes, the quality of care can vary. Unfortunately, over the years standard of these facilities has been deteriorating. The support is neither consistent nor bespoke. Moreover, the high prices of care homes may surprise you. Residential care facilities in the UK will charge from £800 per week, additionally you may be expected to pay a disturbed night allowance or similar fees.

Price of care

Live in carer costs in the UK

Veritas Care is live in care provider working under a self-managed model as an introductory agency. We are able to offer a more cost effective solution at £623 per week of 24h care. However, be advised, that full time carer cost may vary and change. What affects the total price of live in care?

  • The extent of care your love one needs –personal care, night duties, shopping, domestic duties, mobility assistance etc.
  • Number of clients – when choosing live in care services, you are able to provide support for couples. Understandably, it will influence the cost of home care.
  • Patient medical conditions – carers at Veritas Care are trained specifically to deal with many types of health conditions. Nevertheless, condition-led care will be more costly.

When two carers are required?

Growing old with someone you love is truly priceless. Unfortunately, care home can’t guarantee for married couple to stay together.

Homecare services ale able to provide 24-hour support for couples in their familiar space. The carer will tackle various task from emotional support, assistance with medicine and mobility, washing, cleaning and shopping.

After determining the client’s requirements with Veritas Care consultant, he or she may advise you to employ two carers. The need may arise when:

  • elderly person is especially active at night and expect almost constant support throughout it. Meaning that night-time care mirrors the responsibilities during the day.
  • caring for couples with extensive needs. That can include help with mobility using hoist and other equipment, toileting, washing, dressing and help around the house.

Live-in carer cost

Calculate the cost of live in care

We, at Veritas Care are passionate about providing care for elderly. Our values are the defining principles that guide us in everything we do. By choosing Veritas Care you will be leaving loved ones in safe hands.

We constantly strive to minimize the live in care costs. Hiring qualified and trustworthy carers from outside the UK, mainly Poland. It is worth noting, that polish carers are regarded as the best in Europe. So how can you estimate how much is a live in caregiver? You can request a quote of care service. Simply fill in the necessary information and wait for a call from one of our consultants. You will find the answers to question “live in carer costs UK” in no time.