What to tell your private live-in carer

What should you tell your private live-in carer?

Hiring a live-in carer is without a doubt the best decision you can make in order to help your elder loved-one. They will ensure that seniors needs are catered for. However, before introducing them, it is crucial to provide carer with some information, which can make the transition easier.
Duties of a live in carer

What do live-in caregivers do?

Are you considering a live-in carer for your elderly loved one? In order to make fully informed decision, you have to know what are the daily responsibilities of a bespoke 24-hour caregiver for elderly. Read more to find out what live-in carers do.
Dementia live in care

How to find a live in carer?

Live-in care offers the best way of helping an older person to remain independent and safe in their own home. They can remain in the surroundings and environment they love. But how to find the most suitable live-in carer? Read more to find out.