elderly loneliness

Elderly Loneliness in Care Homes vs. Live-in Care

Loneliness is not only unpleasant feelings and emotions but a serious threat to health and life, especially in the case of elderly loneliness. Therefore, today we compare how isolation in care homes is experienced with living in care and suggest how to relieve this difficult emotional condition among seniors.
Elderly fall prevention

Fall Prevention: How To Prevent Elderly Falls at Home?

As we grow old, our bodies struggle to regenerate, and bones take much longer to knit together, whilst falls as a senior can end tragically, including permanent disability and even death. So here are the best ways to prevent falls in older people that you can put into practice today.
elderly gardening

The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors and Caregivers

Learn about the advantages of elderly gardening and help the senior in your life to choose gardening aids for the elderly so that they can start their adventure with this wonderful and relaxing activity! From this article, you will learn everything you need to know to discover the world of elderly gardening and find a new passion even in old age!
Helping the elderly

How To Choose a Live-in Carer?

Looking for a live-in carer? Considering several options, but not sure what criteria are most important when choosing a live-in carer for yourself or a loved one? This article will give you an overview of everything you need to know in order to choose the right live-in carer for your senior!
Live-in carer

Day in a Life of a Live-in Carer

Are you looking for someone to support your elderly loved one or relative? Not sure how to help the senior in your life with daily chores? Considering hiring a live-in carer? Today we will cover a day in a life of a live-in caregiver so you can better understand how such professionals work and how they can help your loved one or you in your daily life.
man sitting in a wheel chair alone

Fighting Back Against Loneliness and Social Isolation With Ageing

Old age does not have to be connected with loneliness and being on the outside of social relations! You can grow old comfortably and with people who are close to you! Especially nowadays, when we can communicate with people from all over the world! Still not convinced? Here are ways to fight back against loneliness and social isolation with ageing!
private carers for elderly

The advantages of live in carer for elderly person

Life doesn't end when you reach 60 years of age. Seniors can live fulfilling, joyful lives after the retirement with a little extra help at their home. A good full time carer for elderly is thoroughly trained and can provide the best personal and emotional support.
elder live in care

Why choose elder live-in care?

Allowing someone else to come into the life of your senior relative is a big decision. We want our loved one to feel comfortable and be safe. By choosing elder live in care we can be sure that they are receiving the care and support they need.
Carer and elder smiling

What makes a good carer? How to find a great carer?

We can all agree that being a carer is not easy. Taking care of someone less-able is equal parts truly rewarding and extremely draining. Thus carers need to possess a set of specific qualities in order to take on such a huge responsibility. What makes a good carer?
What to tell your private live-in carer

What should you tell your private live-in carer?

Hiring a live-in carer is without a doubt the best decision you can make in order to help your elder loved-one. They will ensure that seniors needs are catered for. However, before introducing them, it is crucial to provide carer with some information, which can make the transition easier.