Safe home for seniors

Making home safe for seniors

Making homes safe for elderly should be our numer one priority. Often small, but necessary modifications won’t entail additional costs. Here are easy tips on how to make home safer for seniors.
Care companies at risk

Coronavirus crisis will leave care companies vulnerable

Many of us fear for our health and safety amid the coronavius outbreak. However, we must remember that older people are the most vulnerable. The majority of them need a constant care. It turns out, that care companies are facing bankruptcy.
Carer and elder smiling

What makes a good carer? How to find a great carer?

We can all agree that being a carer is not easy. Taking care of someone less-able is equal parts truly rewarding and extremely draining. Thus carers need to possess a set of specific qualities in order to take on such a huge responsibility. What makes a good carer?
Live in Care Services

What is the true cost of dementia care?

In the current complex social care, financing dementia is a controversial problem. Unlike other serious conditions, for example, cancer, dementia is not fully state-financed. Find out more what is the best solution in these challenging circumstances.
Live in Care Services

Why choose Veritas home care agency?

Why it's worth choosing Veritas Care? We are experienced live-in care agency. We aim is to provide high-quality affordable live-in care. Our carers undergo an extensive recruitment process and are subject to background screening.
Picture showing jug of lemonade and lemons

The importance of staying hydrated - signs of dehydration

Dehydration is a serious condition that may even be life-threatening, therefore it shouldn't be neglected. It is particularly dangerous for elderly people, who tend to get dehydrated more easily. Find out more how to prevent dehydration.