Social Care in UK

New Government must fix social care as per PM Boris Johnson promises

In one of the first speeches Prime Mistier Boris Johnson deliver, he promised to “fix the crisis” in social care. He focused especially on seniors, claiming that he wants to implement a clear plan to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve.

Results of the past General Election revealed that the UK holds a majority and government must deliver on Prime Minister promises. However, it won’t be easy to achieve.

Social care crisis – what the UK Government can do?

First off all PM’s plan has to acknowledge the need to implement more efficient solution than simply focusing on seniors’ citizen housing assets as a way to pay for care homes. It is simply not the only option. We have to respect people’s preferences and ensure, that funding for home care is available and offered as an equal solution.

Fixing the social care problem is challenging, because there is limited public understanding of the existing arrangements. We must make it easier for seniors in need of a social funding plan for their care.

Moreover, Brexit also needs to be considered while formulating good plan for improved social care. As approximately 20% of social care workers come from abroad, out of which the majority from the EU. The formal migration system should be introduced urgently in order to meet the escalating needs for senior home carers.

Fixing social care will be a long and winding road for the Government, but it a matter of great importance, as population of the UK rapidly ages.