home care for elderly in their own homes

Home care for elderly in their own homes – how to age peacefully?

Elders usually have a hard time admitting they require some help. Getting older comes with a lot of changes, taking care of yourself can become more and more difficult. When you notice that your parents need some support it is worth to consider 24 hour care at home for elderly.
Coronavirus doctor

Coronavirus. Deaths at care homes in the UK. Why live in care is the safest option?

Elderly remaining in care homes are at very high risk of dying due to coronavirus infection. Nowadays live in care is regarded as the safest care option for seniors over 65 years old.
Safe home for seniors

Making home safe for seniors

Making homes safe for elderly should be our numer one priority. Often small, but necessary modifications won’t entail additional costs. Here are easy tips on how to make home safer for seniors.
Protecting seniors

How to shield and protect elderly from COVID-19?

Recently NHS published extensive guidelines for those who are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus. Find out, if your elderly loved one is amongst the "vulnerable" group.
Elderly hygiene care

Personal hygiene care for the elderly – best practices for grooming and hygiene for seniors

Keeping up with the personal hygiene is important for our well-being. Unfortunately our elderly loved-ones often struggle to maintain good hygiene. Find out, what are the best practices for grooming and hygiene for seniors.
Immigrants in Brexit

The Government withdraws policy paper on no deal immigration arrangements after Brexit

Controversial policy paper on no deal immigration arrangements for EU citizens arriving after Brexit presented by Government’s Migration Advisory Committee was withdrawn on on 13 March 2020. Low-skilled workers are to remain in England.
Care companies at risk

Coronavirus crisis will leave care companies vulnerable

Many of us fear for our health and safety amid the coronavius outbreak. However, we must remember that older people are the most vulnerable. The majority of them need a constant care. It turns out, that care companies are facing bankruptcy.
Dementia patient eating healthy

The best diet for dementia patients

The diet has real impact on reducing the risk of dementia. Medical professionals developed diet that will effectively keep up mental strength in old age.
Older parents in UK

Why we should appreciate older parents?

It is scientifically proven that grandparents have beneficial impact not only on grandchildren, but on a whole household. Read on to find out why your gratefulness for older parent should go way beyond just being thankful for bringing you up.
Carers after Brexit UK

Post Brexit concerns. Care worker shortage due to points-based immigration

All indicates that in 2021 the crisis in British elderly care will be even worse. Government wants to end freedom of movement by banning low-skilled workers to enter the country.