home care for elderly in their own homes

Home care for elderly in their own homes – how to age peacefully?

The majority of elderly requiring high level of care are reluctant to vacate their home and go into unknown facility such as care home. Finding the best carer for your needs can be time-consuming. However, there is abundance of research that show overwhelmingly positive impact of 24 hour care at home for elderly on health and overall well-being of seniors. What to take into consideration while providing home care for the elderly in their own homes?

Home care vs care home

When looking for long-term care for your elderly loved one we often face the ultimate question – what is better home care for elderly in their own homes or residential care. Most people want to be cared for in the comfort of their home. If your elderly loved one suffers from dementia or an Alzheimer’s disease, it is actually advised to look into live-in care as the change of environment and daily routine can cause deterioration of health.

The elderly are able to age peacefully and reach the higher level of satisfaction. Moreover, there has been over half as many hip fractures with patients in home care in comparison to elders residing in care homes.

How to recognize that your elderly parents need constant care? They start struggling with taking care of the house and eventually of themselves. You can notice bruising from falling or confusion while being at home alone.

24 hour care at home for elderly

Smooth transition to 24 hour care at home for elderly

Ensuring smooth transition to 24 hour care at home for elderly is always a priority for the family. Allowing someone to come into the life of our vulnerable parents is a big deal not only for us, but mostly for them. How to prepare senior for live-in care?

Patience is key

Remember that getting used to the new living situation is hard, especially when you are over 80. That’s why patience is a key. Talk with your loved one about possibly hiring help for elderly living at home. They need to get used to the idea of someone else being with them at all times. Involve them in decision-making process, retaining seniors dignity and autonomy is very important.

When discussing home care for elderly in their own homes you can express concern carefully, but don’t be condescending. “The thought of you not getting everything you need worries me. How can I help?” sounds better than “You are not looking after yourself. I’m going to do something about it!”.

caring for elderly parents at home

Needs of your elderly loved one are the most important

24 hour care at home for elderly is perfectly suited to individual needs of every client. It doesn’t matter if your loved one suffers from dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or pressure sores – the help provided by live-in care agency will always be targeted and professional.

This kind of focused support is proven to be more beneficial not only for a long-term illness, but for the recovery process as well. Thanks to the live-in carer getting well after prolonged stay at a hospital will be a lot easier.

Preparing the house

One thing that needs to be considered when caring for elderly parents at home is making some alterations to their home. Making home safe for seniors is always a good idea, especially when their mobility is not as good as it used to be. It doesn’t have to be expensive – add some extra grab rails and slip-proof rugs will do.