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Why choose Veritas home care agency?

Why choose Veritas Care?

Are you looking for “home care agencies near me” on the internet? Do you need a reliable carer? Whether for yourself or your loved ones, Veritas Care team is here to help you. We offer affordable live-in care in your area.

Our range of services includes companionship care, condition-led care, and hospital discharge care, among many others. For the full offer, please visit our pricing tab.

Introductory agency of live in carers

Veritas Care is a live in care agency and staff supplier to private and business customers. We specialise in providing high-quality affordable live-in care. We recruit only experienced and qualified carers to match your care needs.

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Years of experience as senior home care agency

Over the past years, we have served more than 20,000 Clients throughout Europe. We operate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our approach to care is simple, yet effective: to provide high quality affordable live in care. We want to be the best at home care agency. Customer’s satisfaction is our priority.

Our mission is to make the live-in care affordable to the ones that need it the most. Therefore, our services are designed to meet the highest standards. At the same time, our prices are generally 40% lower than the average live-in care rates in the United Kingdom. We are very aware that the current care system is challenging. And that not everybody is eligible for the government financing of care and has to choose self-funding. Among the options available, we offer by far the most cost-effective one, but we are still a quality care at home agency.

How do we recruit our carers?

Friendly and empathetic attitude towards the client is crucial in any business. But when providing services in care sector, it is even more important.

A carer needs to be able to understand what the client is going through and what difficulties they may have.

Some situations are emotionally challenging, not only for the carer, but as well for the person in care. Seniors, once fit and able to care about themselves, are now dependent on the carers. Therefore, the carer has to always treat the client with dignity.


Careful candidates selection and verification

At Veritas Group we have plenty of experience in hiring top-quality live-in carers. Currently, around 1,800 of our carers work across Europe.

Our senior home care services agency has an extensive recruitment process. We thoroughly review candidate’s past work experience. We check their education level and skills. And off course, we also check their proficiency in English.

The candidates are subject to extensive screenings and background checks. In most cases, we will present several candidates to our clients and their families. We want to give them a choice to decide who will take care of their loved ones.

Extensive screening

Our carers are selected through our advanced recruitment process. They are subject to screening and background checks. Additionally, Veritas Care makes sure that all candidates obtain a clear DBS certificate.

Thanks to these procedures we are sure that we hire only the right candidates. Our aim is to prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable clients.


Only experienced carers

As an absolute must, we require previous experience in the care industry. It is essential. Without it, we cannot hire a carer.

From time to time we have to sadly reject great candidates with no experience in the care sector.

On-site training

There is one more stage of the recruitment process before the experienced candidates are ready to work for us as carers. We are organising obligatory on-site training for all the recruited carers.

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Our training sessions are called “Care Academy”. This intensive training program includes:

  • People Movers, Moving and Handling — handling clients with dignity and care
  • First Aid Basic Course– basic first-aid principles
  • Medication Awareness — rules of safe medications administration
  • Safe at Home — standards of house safety in the United Kingdom

The course is conducted by experienced trainers and has accreditation of the Trainer House Ltd. The First Aid part is in line with the guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council.

Accreditation and memberships

We are a trusted live-in care provider. Therefore, we are a member of associations and initiatives that support the care industry.

joining forces

The Live-in Care Hub

An association of live-in care providers. They have a common vision of sharing the benefits of live-in care. Membership in Live-in Care Hub guarantees the highest standard of care.

UK Live In Care Association

An association that brings together live-in care providers. Members collectively promote live-in care in the UK.

Dementia Friends

A society established to change people’s perception of dementia. It aims to transform the way our nation thinks, talks and acts about dementia.

Association of Healthcare Trainers (AoHT)

Association for those who are training others within the healthcare sector.

United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA)

A professional association of in home care agencies in the United Kingdom.

Dignity Champions

A nationwide network of UK care services organisations. Members of this association aim is to put dignity and respect at the heart of care services. This association enables a positive experience of care. It is led by the National Dignity Council.

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Trustworthy partner

We try our best to provide the highest level of service. The satisfaction of our customers is the most important driving force for our business.

Being a trusted company ourselves, we strive to cooperate only with reliable carers and business partners. As a result of our latest agreement with the biggest care provider in the UK, we have signed a partnership. We are convinced that it will be beneficial not only for our business partner and for us, but also for our clients.