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Age-related memory loss – key information in a nutshell

Age-related memory loss affects the lives of many people! Here you can learn how to recognize it in its early stages and find out ways to support a person suffering from age-related memory loss.
one to one care for dementia patient

One to one care for dementia patients

Dementia is a neurological disease affecting the brain and causing the rapid decline of cognitive function. Your elderly loved one may have troubles with memory, thinking and eventually they won't be able to perform daily activities. What does one to one care for dementia patients look like?
elderly parents

How to deal with elderly parents

Dealing with parents anger every day would exhaust anyone. Older people suffering from dementia can be abusive and irrational, however this situation is not hopeless. We have some useful tips for coping with elderly parents who behave badly.
Safe home for seniors

Making home safe for seniors

Making homes safe for elderly should be our numer one priority. Often small, but necessary modifications won’t entail additional costs. Here are easy tips on how to make home safer for seniors.
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The best diet for dementia patients

The diet has real impact on reducing the risk of dementia. Medical professionals developed diet that will effectively keep up mental strength in old age.
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How to care for someone with dementia?

Living with dementia is scary, confusing and stressful. The support of our loved one is crucial and will be beyond helpful in those challenging times. Find out, how to care for someone who suffers from dementia.
Elderly parent

5 ways to help your elderly parents

There will come a time, when you will need to help your ageing parent. However being a carer is not an easy job. Find out how to deal and care for elderly parents.
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How to choose the best live in care agency?

Live in care is quickly becoming more popular care solution for families across the whole UK. However, the task of choosing a home care agency remains a huge challenge for many. In this article we explain what constitutes best live in care agencies.
Duties of a live in carer

What do live in caregivers do?

Are you considering a live in carer for your elderly loved one? In order to make fully informed decision, you have to know what are the daily responsibilities of a bespoke 24-hour caregiver for elderly. Read more to find out what live in carers do.
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How much does a care home cost?

Choosing the best possible care for the elderly family member can be quite difficult. Care homes are among the most popular services. However, it is worth noting that care homes are not the only viable option, when it comes to care for seniors. Knowing that there are more affordable care options will help you make an informed choice.