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How to choose the best live in care agency?

In recent years elderly live in care has started to become popular alternative to care homes in the UK. Now families recognize undeniable benefits of this solution for elderly – remaining in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by beloved pet, rather than being forced to move into unfamiliar residential care.

Because of the growing demand, there have been a significant increase of live in care providers. If you are searching for 24-hour carer, you may want to enlist the help of live in care agencies in the UK. Those companies will provide your love one with the best possible care that is perfectly suited to their needs.  But how to choose the best live in care agency?

1. Know what your love one needs

Before starting your research you need to know the extent of care your elder family member requires. Are they suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s or any other condition? What are their personal care requirements and mobility level? Those are the questions that need to be answered beforehand, because not all live in care agencies in the UK provide condition-led care.

Furthermore,  you should also discuss it with your loved one – at the end of the day they know what kind of support would be most helpful.

If you are aware that elder in your life suffers from certain condition, it is best to just type into Google exact phrase, e.g.: “live in care agencies dementia”.

At this point you may start to wonder about the daily responsibilities of a caregiver. To know what you can expect from elder carers, read our article.

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2. Types of live in care agencies

While looking for live in carer you’ll encounter two different types of agencies operating in the UK. To start off we have live in care providers, who have ongoing role in the process. Meaning the agency will hire carer and monitor the services at every stage. The cost of care usually start from £950 per week.

Second popular option is using the services of introductory agency. This self-managed model is proven to be the most cost-effective. The caregivers work as independent contractors. It means that the agency works as a recruiter, introduces a care worker to an individual and has no further involvement. The company has an extensive database of caregivers, who are trained and checked according to DBS guidelines. It is a great option – affordable care for you, and the carer gets a better wage for their work.

Veritas Care operates as the introductory agency, that’s why we are able to offer our clients top-quality and cost-effective care services from just £623 per week.

You can also consider hiring carer privately, through your own advertising, but this method comes with incertitude and risks – the person might not be properly trained.

3. Attributes of a great live in agency


It is both understandable and commendable that all of us want to provide the best possible care for our family. The professionally trained carers should be equipped to face challenges that come when caring for patients suffering from various health conditions.

Testimonials and reviews are valuable resources in the decision-making process. Look through the website of live in care agency to read the testimonials of other clients. You can also check Trust Pilot and Google Reviews.

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The title of best live in care agencies can be earned by maintaining the highest quality of care through years on top off hiring capable and experienced carers. Always ask to see credentials and  proof of past experience. Live in carers in the UK are also obliged to present Care Certificate as a proof that they received comprehensive training in various practical and theoretical aspects of care service.

Can-do attitude

Once you have researched the company, you will have to fill out the care assessment in order to get the quotation. Afterwards care agency representative will contact you. It is a great opportunity to ask all the question as well as evaluate the customer service. They should be friendly, attentive and responsive.

Flexibility is also a key quality of the best live in providers. The needs of your love one can change rapidly. Any special request or requirements should not surprise care agency representative.