Care companies at risk

Coronavirus crisis will leave care companies vulnerable

SARS-CoV-2 rapidly spreads across Europe. It is crucial to follow the health instructions and remember that coronavirus disease has a low mortally rate. The majority of patients are going to experience mild symptoms. However, the pandemic will have serious repercussions on the economy. Experts predict that care companies are likely to go bankrupt.

Care companies will struggle because of coronavirus

The UK Home Care Association, which represents more than 2,000 care providers, said that coming months are “a period of acute vulnerability” for care workers. Due to coronavirus outbreak, there has been a high demand for a live-in carers. Care homes and home care providers are stretching their resources and are at risk of losing caregivers to the virus. The increased need cannot be met.

NHS is putting into place contingency plan – discharging long-term patients who are medically fit, as part of efforts to free up 15,000 hospital beds. Providing care for elderly in the times of coronavirus pandemic is crucial. As of now, neither NHS nor the Government addressed the situation.

How Veritas Care plan to overcome the crisis?

Veritas Care is an introductory agency, meaning our carers are a self-employed contractors. Rather than employ caregivers (as a care company would) we match and introduce them to the client.

As a recruitment agency we have no “ongoing role in the direction or control of the service provided”. However, Veritas Care is still able to offer support during your engagement with your carer, who is fully trained and ready to carry out everyday tasks. Thanks to this unique model we can provide the highest quality of care at an affordable price.