Coronavirus doctor

Coronavirus. Deaths at care homes in the UK. Why live in care is the safest option?

Elderly remaining in care homes are at very high risk of dying due to coronavirus infection. Nowadays live in care is regarded as the safest care option for seniors over 65 years old.
Protecting seniors

How to shield and protect elderly from COVID-19?

Recently NHS published extensive guidelines for those who are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus. Find out, if your elderly loved one is amongst the "vulnerable" group.
Care companies at risk

Coronavirus crisis will leave care companies vulnerable

Many of us fear for our health and safety amid the coronavius outbreak. However, we must remember that older people are the most vulnerable. The majority of them need a constant care. It turns out, that care companies are facing bankruptcy.
Care home coronavirus

Coronavirus at care home in Brighton. Facility is on lockdown

Conditions in care homes in the UK has been rapidly deteriorating. Last week nursing home in Brighton had to be closed to all visitors, because of the visit from healthcare worker diagnosed with coronavirus.