why celebrate grandparents day

How grandparents are important in our life?

Taking care of ageing parents is not an easy job. We may often regret our decision. In those difficult moments it’s crucial to remember how much we can learn from their experience. How important are grandparents?

Patience is a virtue

The world has been evolving at a faster than ever pace for several years, constant reports on new technologies ladder can make you dizzy. No wonder that we are starting to feel the pressure ourselves wanting changes to happen here and now. We must remember that over the centuries it was patience that led scientists to great discoveries or artists to paint great work of arts.

Taking care of a family or devoting your time to carer may also seem like a constant race against time – preparing dinner on time, bringing up children just right or filling out that one pesky report. It is taking a step back and realizing that restlessness is not a great advisor. Observing the composure and stoicism developed over the years by our grandparents will be helpful. Ageing parents may be less open to changes, but they are more likely to remain calm in stressful situations. Seniors have learned from experience that it doesn’t take a day or two to acquire the most important things in life.

growing old together

Make time for what matters most

Slow down! That advice is often given by a psychologist. The “slow life” mind-set has settled in for good within our life. It lets us control the noisy stimuli that  often negatively affect our lives. The ubiquitous information noise overwhelming us every day can be blamed for this. One of the secrets to the longevity and happiness of our parents and grandparents is to ensure that the mad race for money doesn’t dominate our lives. Listen to the wisdom of the Elderly.

It is extremely important to find time for self-care. It is worth giving up technology for just a moment – our mental health will benefit if we stop reading about the terrible situation in Armenia. A walk in the park without unnecessary distractions is as simple as it gets, but enough to give us peace of mind and regenerate our strength. Instead of watching TV, let’s reach for a book or a brush (recently very popular painting by numbers is a great alternative that will keep us busy for hours).

How to accept help

We are living under the assumption that we always need to be a strong, vigorous people willing to take over any responsibilities. One of the most difficult things is to admit that we need help at some point. We like to believe that we are self-sufficient and able to solve our own problems, and we treat asking someone for support as a weakness. Remember that giving up a small part of our independence shows great strength of character.

Grandparents understand this better than anyone else. Often boldly facing health problems and limitations they encounter. However, when this burden becomes too heavy to bear, they allow others to navigate through these obstacles. From ageing parents we can learn not only humility, but also accepting one simple truth – we need others.

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Learn to value human interaction

Many older people, looking back discovered that their fondest memories don’t revolve around their accomplishments but people. Scientist recognized that people who have tight social ties, both with loved ones and their community are happier and less prone to lethal effects of stress.

An important habit to learn from grandparents is being kind in interpersonal relationships. You never know what others are going through. A short, nice conversation costs you nothing and it will have a positive effect on your well-being.

Sharing life experience

Grandparent are important not only in our lives, but also our children’s. They are a great source of stories and life lessons accumulated over many years. Providing a sense of family heritage and cultural history will have a positive influence on children and teenagers. Cultivating traditions is crucial part of healthy development and self-expression.