private carers for elderly

The advantages of live in carer for elderly person

Life doesn't end when you reach 60 years of age. Seniors can live fulfilling, joyful lives after the retirement with a little extra help at their home. A good full time carer for elderly is thoroughly trained and can provide the best personal and emotional support.
Carers after Brexit UK

Post Brexit concerns. Care worker shortage due to points-based immigration

All indicates that in 2021 the crisis in British elderly care will be even worse. Government wants to end freedom of movement by banning low-skilled workers to enter the country.
Duties of a live in carer

What do live in caregivers do?

Are you considering a live in carer for your elderly loved one? In order to make fully informed decision, you have to know what are the daily responsibilities of a bespoke 24-hour caregiver for elderly. Read more to find out what live in carers do.
How to treat your carer during Christmas?

How to treat your carer during Christmas?

Christmas is one of the loveliest times of the year. You spend a time with your family and express your gratitude towards the loved ones. Unfortunately, it can be especially challenging for live-in carers. Loneliness hits the hardest during the holiday season. Find out how to help your caregiver during Christmas.
elderly people and bills

Social care in the UK: pre-Brexit concerns

The current situation of social care in the UK is not an easy one. Many problems need to be quickly resolved. Currently, everything is overshadowed by Brexit. We are missing green paper - a document that would regulate the troubled sector. The long-awaited green paper is still being postponed.
Dementia live in care

How to find a live in carer?

Live-in care offers the best way of helping an older person to remain independent and safe in their own home. They can remain in the surroundings and environment they love. But how to find the most suitable live-in carer? Read more to find out.