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How live-in carers help with domestic tasks

Caring for an elderly person is not an easy and time-consuming task. Surely not everyone has the time or the ability to help their elderly loved ones with the daily activities that can cause them difficulties as they get older. And that is where home care options for elderly in their own homes come into play! Home care can help with many different issues and tasks in life, provide companionship for the elderly person, keep them healthy and support them with household tasks. Today, we will focus on the latter and address the question of how live-in carers help with domestic tasks and how this impacts a senior’s life! So let’s dive into it!

What does elderly live in care professionals do?

The duties of a live-in caregiver can include a wide variety of very different responsibilities. Depending on their education and qualifications, such a person may provide support in the treatment and rehabilitation of an ailing senior – the services of such a person carry the highest cost of a live-in carer. By contrast, an elderly live in care may not have a medical or nursing background, in which case the only other duties will be to keep track of medication intake times. What else is included in the duties of an elderly live-in carer? Apart from the medical aspects, one of the most important ways in which home care for the elderly in their own homes helps is by providing companionship, care for pets and household chores, which is of far if not greater, at least equal importance to the elderly person!

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What exactly are the services that home care for elderly in their own homes can provide?

In this article, we will leave aside issues related to treatment, rehabilitation and medication dosage, and focus only on the household duties provided by people involved in home care for the elderly in their own homes.

Keeping your house or flat sparkling clean

Maintaining the home or flat in perfect condition is one of the most sought-after home care services for elderly people in their own homes. Clean and well-maintained spaces are more pleasant to live in, but keeping the home clean is not an easy task as it requires a systematic approach and physical fitness. And seniors often lack the latter. That is why such people often ask for help! And rightly so! Because a clean home also has a positive effect on the state of mind! What chores can a home care professional perform for seniors in their own homes? It all depends on the particular person, and the choice of the number of duties affects the cost of live in care, so this should be discussed upon recruitment. However, basic examples of home care services include mopping and sweeping floors, dusting, washing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

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Caring for a balanced diet and cooking

This is probably one of the most influential services rendered by home care for elderly people in their own homes in terms of health and well-being of the elderly! Cooking and maintaining a balanced diet make a huge difference to the health of seniors! A proper diet can prevent the development of diseases and ailments, give the elderly person vitality and is a simple way to prolong their life and mobility! A well-chosen menu should be healthy, light, tasty and rich in the right vitamins and minerals, selected in relation to the person’s examination results and medical recommendations. For this reason, elderly carers usually also offer cooking services and, in our opinion, this is by far the most important thing they provide when it comes to domestic matters!

Washing and ironing clothes

Old age is no reason to pay less attention to our appearance. Quite the contrary! A nice, clean and tidy outfit can completely change an older person’s mood and become a sort of motivation to live! Elderly live-in carers are well aware of this, which is why maintaining the elderly person’s clothes, ironing and helping them choose an outfit can also be part of a live-in carer’s job!

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Shopping and running errands

Elder live in care is not only about health and hygiene issues, but also about making everyday life easier for seniors. Therefore, the responsibilities of home care for the elderly in their own homes can include all kinds of errands, from grocery and clothing shopping to visits to the post office or bank. Elder live in care is a way of ensuring that older people do not suffer from a lack of mobility and a loss of position in life simply because of their age!

Pet care

If an elderly person has a dog or cat that is more difficult to look after, an elderly live-in carer can unburden and free the senior from these responsibilities. This is a valuable service, as it affects both the well-being of the elderly person and their pets. Such services may include cleaning the litter box or cage, changing the cat’s litter, playing with the animal or taking it for walks.

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