Carers after Brexit UK

Post Brexit concerns. Care worker shortage due to points-based immigration

UPDATE: Points-based immigration system was a part of policy called “No deal immigration arrangements for EU citizens arriving after Brexit”. As of 13 March 2020 paper was withdrawn. Find out more here.

Last week Government’s Migration Advisory Committee recommended new rule for workers outside the UK. Britain will likely close its borders to “low-skilled” foreign workers. Boris Johnson’s Government vouch to keep their promise to end freedom of movement and reform the country’s immigration policy after Brexit. This decision will greatly affect the care workers, thus worsening the long-lasting crisis in care for older people even more.

What does Brexit mean to carers from Veritas Care?

We need to remember that points-based immigration system is still just a proposal. Taking into consideration the nation-wide outrage the governmental plan may never come into force. Furthermore, United Kingdom is still in transition period (until 31st Dec 2020), which means that it continues to be a member of the single market and customs union and remains a subject to European Union rules.

There is no need to worry – highly trained carers from Veritas Care are still able to provide the same standard of support for your elderly loved-one in the UK.

What the UK’s points-based immigration system mean to carers?

On 19th of February Government published a policy statement outlining the plan for a new UK points-based immigration system. Its main goal is to prevent non-English unskilled workers from getting a job in the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson aims to end the economic focus on “cheap labour from Europe”.

After the transitional period, which will end on 31st of December 2020, immigrants who are willing to work will be evaluated by their academic qualifications and specific skills.


In order to be eligible for work visa, immigrants would have to meet three essential requirements – speaking English and having a job offer at their skill level – and have at least 70 points all together.

Social care crisis in the UK

The care sector in the United Kingdom has been struggling for quite some time. It’s underfunded and understaffed. Because of the increasing demands, Britain relies greatly on foreign carers. According to data, currently over 100 000 carers come from outside the UK. Many of them provide much needed live-in care, which allows elders to remain the their homes and retain independence.

The shortage of caregivers in not a myth. There already aren’t enough British caregivers for everyone who needs them. That’s why carers from Poland and other countries are a great help on a strained system. The new post Brexit point system will impact the ageing population the most.