How to treat your carer during Christmas?

How to treat your carer during Christmas?

Caring for elderly takes a lot of dedication and empathy. Being a caregiver is simultaneously a very rewarding and very demanding job. Giving up life for another person is ultimately the greatest act of compassion. At the same time we have to remember, that being a carer comes with a lot of responsibility, long hours and tiring tasks.

The Christmas time can be especially challenging for a live-in carer. Separation from family may cause a great strain on their mental health. You might want to help out during the holidays, just to show your appreciation a little more.

Gift ideas for caregivers

Words of support and encouragement

All of us need some reassurance from time to time. It is extremely important to express your gratitude towards a carer. Encouragement is not just a confidence booster. Challenges that the caregivers face every day can make them physically and emotionally drained. Kind and sincere words help – it is a simple way to empower person, who is taking care of your loved one.

When you have trouble putting your feelings into words on the spot, handwritten note will be a good idea.

A day off

Being a live-in carer for elderly is highly stressful occupation. It can be lonely and overwhelming, no two ways about it. Carers are working around-the-clock and have to be able to respond to the unexpected. Taking that into consideration, we think that one of the best gifts for caregivers would be a day off.

Providing them with this additional time to relax and unwind will be especially helpful during the holiday season – when the people around them are spending time with families and loneliness hits the hardest.

Christmas gifts for carers

Something to put under the tree

Many of us would prefer to buy a physical gift for the carer. It is often difficult to think of a perfect present for a person, that you may not know very well. Don’t worry, there are plenty of options that most people will appreciate.

Working as an elderly carer can be tiring, so it is extremely important to find a moment to yourself. You can help your carer by providing stress-relief solutions. It can be as simple as buying a candle, essential oil (lavender has detoxifying, hypotensive, and sedative effects) or some nice toiletries. Those thoughtful gifts will help them get comfy and de-stress.

Another great present idea for carer is something sweet. Box of luxury chocolate will without a doubt bring a smile to their face.

Most importantly – remember, nobody should be alone on Christmas.