What to tell your private live-in carer

What should you tell your private live-in carer?

Hiring a live-in carer is without a doubt the best decision you can make in order to help your elder loved-one. They will ensure that seniors needs are catered for. However, before introducing them, it is crucial to provide carer with some information, which can make the transition easier.
Duties of a live in carer

What do live in caregivers do?

Are you considering a live in carer for your elderly loved one? In order to make fully informed decision, you have to know what are the daily responsibilities of a bespoke 24-hour caregiver for elderly. Read more to find out what live in carers do.
senior with a carer

Care home vs private live in carer - comparison

Is care home and live in care comparable? What is the total cost of each option? Is any of these care forms better than the other? Which one promotes independence? Find out more why we think that live in care is a more reasonable care option for your elderly loved one.
Live-in care

24 hour care at home for elderly

If you are considering the best care option for your elderly loved one, live-in care could be a good alternative. This type of care is personalised care. The elderly person is not forced to change their familiar surroundings, they can maintain their independence.
Live in Care Services

Why choose Veritas home care agency?

Why it's worth choosing Veritas Care? We are experienced live-in care agency. We aim is to provide high-quality affordable live-in care. Our carers undergo an extensive recruitment process and are subject to background screening.
Elderly couple and their daughter

Caring for elderly parents

Our parents are the most important people in our lives. We should treat them with respect and dignity, so they can live long and happily. Why should we take care of our senior parents? What can we do if we are unable to take care of our parents ourselves?
Live in Care Services

What is Live in Care

Live-in care is an alternative option for those seeking extra…
Diabetic Patient

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Live in Carer

With live-in care being one of many options available to those…
Dementia live in care

Live-in carer has helped my gran with dementia - true story

Dementia vs my Grandma Hello everyone, I just wanted to…