Polish Carers: How to arrange Live-in Care (Care Assessment)

Polish Carers: How to arrange Live-in Care and Care Assessment Process

Carers from Poland are flocking to the British Isles to support seniors in the UK. Poles are gradually replacing native carers for the elderly because they have the appropriate attitude, necessary full-time care qualifications and proficiency in the English language, while their culture is similar to the English one and their financial expectations are relatively low.

Do you suspect that you or a family member may need full-time care? Find out what a carer for the elderly does and how to find a reliable full-time care professional from Poland. We cover the whole process of finding a carer for old people — from research to the care assessment procedure.



What would the provision of full-time care for your relatives provide for you?

Are you wondering what a live-in carer is? A professional live-in carer for old people lives with their clients to oversee their health, safety and well-being. Such a professional is usually familiar with the basics of first aid and working with people with mobility limitations and chronic illnesses.

A good live-in carer for the elderly supports their clients in carrying out all the daily duties related to personal hygiene, housework and nutrition of the elderly person. A live-in carer for old people is an all-around professional who fulfils the functions of nurse, confidant, caretaker, cleaner, shopper and trusted person of their charges and generally improves their comfort in old age.

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What is the process of recruiting a professional to provide full-time care?

Do you suspect that an older person close to you may require the provision of full-time care? Find out what a reliable process for recruiting a live-in carer for old people looks like.


The first step in your search for the right professional to provide full-time care for older people is to conduct thorough research on vetted care agencies. Working with an agency will ensure that you gain access to the best candidates who have been thoroughly vetted and subjected to reference and DBS checks, so be sure to read reviews of the partnership and find out about the recruitment process of specific companies.

Care Assessment

Every reliable agency, upon receiving an application from potential clients, should carry out a Care Assessment activities, namely provide you with a telephone, video meeting or a form to complete in which our care manager creates a care plan with the outline and the pricing, and only then propose to you the candidate profiles that best match the expectations and requirements of the specific senior.

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Consideration of candidate profiles

Once you have established your expectations and priorities concerning the carer for the elderly, the agency should send you several candidate profiles that correspond to the requirements of the contract. You can then select the best candidates from several resumes and invite them for an interview and a trial period of a few hours with the selected candidates.

Selection of a carer for the elderly

The initial interview and the presentation of the skills should enable you to determine which person is best suited in terms of qualifications and approach and will get along best with the client in question. Then all that is left for you to do is to select and verify the quality of the work.

Advantages of hiring a live-in carer for the elderly from Poland

Polish carers for the elderly are taking the UK market by storm. Why do specialists from this country work so well with English people? There are several reasons.

No significant cultural differences

Poland is a country with a fairly similar culture to the one known in the UK, so non-English speakers quickly find a common language with caregivers from Poland. Poles are eager to learn English and assimilate easily into European countries.

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High level of preparation for work

Caregivers for the elderly from Poland are characterised by high levels of commitment and excellent preparation for their work. The poor economic situation in Poland prompts even educated and experienced people to go abroad. Caregivers from Poland often boast nursing and paramedic training.

Attractive financial conditions

The already mentioned unfavourable economic situation in Poland makes the financial expectations of caregivers from this country much lower than those of citizens from other countries.

How to find a reliable live-in carer for the elderly from Poland?

If you want to find a reliable live-in carer for the elderly from Poland, the first step is to contact a reliable agency – so don’t wait, just contact Veritas Care and carry out a care assessment to provide your loved ones with the help they are looking for!