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Who Would Benefit from Getting a Live-in Care?

Wondering what live-in care at home is all about? Not sure if a senior loved one needs help? Would they benefit from hiring a 24-hour live-in carer?

Today, we are addressing exactly this topic to allay your doubts. Learn the most significant benefits of hiring a live-in care professional and find out if your ageing parents and loved ones require finding 24-hour carers at home.

What do 24 hour carers at home do?

Are you wondering what services 24 hour carers at home perform? Below you will find the key services that make hiring a 24 hour live-in carer an invaluable service for your loved ones seniors, the sick and those with disabilities.

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That is where a professional 24-hour live-in carer can help you or your loved ones:

  • The comfort of living on own terms – a professional live-in carer usually lives with the senior and adapts to their lifestyle. It distinguishes this form of care from moving to a nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital, which involves stress for the senior or patient and a change in habits. In such places, it is the patients who have to fit in, not the other way around, so if you care about the person’s comfort, then hiring 24-hour live-in carers is the best option.
  • 24-hour assistance – hiring a 24-hour carer is the best way to provide round-the-clock, one-to-one assistance for seniors and sick people, unmatched by other forms of assistance. Moving to a hospital or assisted living facility is a big shock, and the professionals employed there have more work to do than helping a single person. Therefore, live-in care is the surest option to provide reliable one-to-one care that the patient is comfortable with.
  • Cooking and housekeeping out of the way – a live-in caregiver’s duties usually include cooking, cleaning and shopping, so the client is supported on all fronts and not missing anything. Such a professional will also take care of the patient’s hygiene, provide a balanced diet and help with every step/.
  • Convenient transportation – a 24-hour caregiver is someone who can support the senior in socialising and give them a sense of independence by giving them a ride and accompanying them to different places. Moving can be physically and mentally very difficult for some. This will ensure that the patient has safe transport and company in circumstances such as medical appointments, travel, or visiting relatives.
  • Safety – employing a 24-hour live-in caregiver is also a way to ensure the safety of individuals who may be easy targets for criminals and risk injuries and falls. This gives you the peace of mind that the patient is safe and that someone would provide expert and professional help in the event of an accident.

How do you recognise when a person requires the services of a 24-hour live-in carer?

Before we go through the benefits of home help, let’s consider when such help is needed. What are the signs to look out for?

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Problems with health and mobility

The most important qualifying factor for providing live-in care at home for a senior loved one or elderly parents is their state of health and mobility and dexterity. If your loved one has problems with mobility, eyesight or arthritis, or is beginning to have memory problems and signs of dementia, it means they could probably benefit from the help of a professional live-in carer. The same applies to people with disabilities and other health problems that make it difficult to lead a normal life and carry out daily tasks. Besides, getting 24-hour carers at home would benefit people after serious treatments, accidents and the chronically ill.

Problems with social contact

Seniors and the chronically ill often also face social challenges. Anyone unable to move around has difficulty with daily chores or can no longer drive due to health problems may feel lonely and withdrawn from social life.  Therefore, the inability to leave the house and interact with people due to health and well-being is another sign that live-in care at home is needed.

If this is the case, the best idea is to find a live-in carer to provide companionship and take the senior or sick person to places where they can meet other people, or to medical appointments. This drastically improves the living comfort of sick and elderly people.

Problems with hygiene and housekeeping

Another sign that a senior or sick person needs round-the-clock care is the neglect of basic activities such as personal hygiene, nutrition and housekeeping. If you see that the person has a dirty flat, does not look clean or has an empty fridge, this is a sign that it is time to start a serious conversation. This state of affairs may be due to body limitations or mental illness.

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Live-in care – UK

When your relative is older, ill or has a disability, 24 hour carers at home could help them! There are many agencies in the UK employing such professionals, so you are bound to find someone suitable.

Therefore, you have no reason to wait. Hire professional help for your loved ones and offer them a second life, for example with Veritas Care!