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Personal security with a live-in carer – can I trust my carer?

Are you considering hiring a live-in carer agency, but are concerned that the professional in question may be untrustworthy? Are you apprehensive about privacy issues with live-in carers?

Let us tell you about the most important obligations and responsibilities of a carer towards a client, and how working with a proven live-in carer agency can help you shed your doubts and ensure the privacy and safety of you and your loved ones.

Can working with live-in care workers invade a senior’s privacy?

A professional live-in carer is someone who lives with a senior to help them with daily personal hygiene and housekeeping duties, monitor their health and well-being, as well as provide transportation to medical appointments and companionship when required. Based on this description of carer roles, it is not difficult to conclude that such a professional intrudes on the privacy of their client to some extent, but it is worth remembering that they only do so to the degree that this has been agreed with the senior and their family.

Furthermore, live-in carer care allows older people to access personalised support on an ongoing basis without having to change surroundings, as in the case of moving to a nursing home. Unlike this elderly support option, which is an unprecedented entry into a senior’s prism that forces them to completely change their habits and surroundings, employing a live-in carer agency is a non-invasive and considerate option for the elderly.

Live-in carer agency clients can live the comfortable life they are used to, living in their own homes, with their pets and surroundings, which increases their sense of independence.  In this way, the senior maintains his or her habits, level of privacy and independence, while receiving round-the-clock support from a trusted person. It is therefore the best option to provide seniors with both security and privacy.

Personal security with a live in carer

How living in care workers can reinforce privacy for older people?

We have already established that, in a sense, live-in care workers have to invade a senior’s privacy by living with them, so now it is worth mentioning how they can reinforce privacy and security for seniors.

If you opt for a particular professional, you can rest assured that only one person will intrude on the senior’s privacy to a small extent. Especially since one of the responsibilities of carers is to ensure the safety of their charges, so such a person should ensure that the senior does not let anyone suspicious into the house, and we all know that the elderly are easy targets for fraudsters and thieves.

What’s more, maintaining professional confidentiality is the responsibility of the carer, so you don’t have to worry about any data or private information leaking out. Professionals employed by verified agencies are properly trained and their work is monitored, so the risk is minimal.

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Can live-in care workers be trusted?

In every industry, there are trustworthy and professional people, as well as those who do not take their responsibilities so seriously or want to use their power adversely. So how do you make sure that a professional has a senior’s best interests at heart and does not want to take advantage of them?

It’s very simple. All you need to do is to use the services of a proven and reliable live-in carer agency that carries out the relevant tests, reference and DBS checks, and constantly monitors the quality of the services offered by the professional in question. Intermediary companies are required to closely monitor the quality of work and carry out plenty of professional training, so the risk of trouble is minimal. However, if something happens or the person is not satisfied with the work, then a good live-in carer agency will provide a replacement and the assistance of a coordinator.

If, on the other hand, you rely on the services of an unaffiliated live-in care professional, then you have to reckon with the risk of fraud or poor quality work, especially if you do not sign a proper contract with them. In this case, if you don’t screen and check references yourself, you don’t know who you are inviting into your home. Therefore, don’t take the risk and get on with it, or ensure your safety and privacy, or that of a senior loved one, with a reliable live-in carer agency.

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Personal security with a live-in carer

Hiring a live-in carer from a proven agency would help to keep you or your loved ones safe and well-supported. A trusted care professional will keep an eye on your senior’s well-being and health, as well as protect them from all types of scammers and thieves who target lonely older people. All in all, working with a proven live-in carer agency such as Veritas Care is the best option to ensure professional help, privacy and security for yourself or your loved ones.