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How Does The Process of Hiring a Live-in Caregiver Look Like?

Are you thinking that your ageing loved ones may start to need support with their daily chores? Do you wonder how to find the best possible support for your ageing loved ones?

Explore the process of recruiting and hiring the best possible live-in carer step-by-step.  Today you will learn what is a live-in carer, how does live-in care work and how to find a live-in carer for the elderly to provide support to your elderly relatives.

What is a live-in carer?

A live-in carer is a specialist in assisting the elderly, the sick and those with disabilities and sometimes mental illness. Such a professional provides comprehensive physical and mental support and follows up on the health and safety of their charges.

It is the responsibility of live-in carers to provide comprehensive support to an elderly or ill person. Typically, live-in carers provide support to seniors and sick people by dropping them off at medical appointments, shopping, domestic help, cleaning, bathing, grooming and sometimes administering medication and feeding the elderly person. To put it in a nutshell, such a professional provides assistance with all daily duties, as well as companionship and mental support.

How does live-in care work?

Live-in care works to ensure that people who are permanently ill, elderly, with disabilities, mental difficulties or mobility problems are assisted in a setting that is comfortable for them and without feeling the loss of control over their lives that is typical of other forms of assistance such as nursing homes, hospitals or hospices. By opting for live-in care, the person requiring assistance does not lose their independence and does not feel like a thing that the family can dispose of at will and move when not needed.

Live-in care does not reduce the quality of life or the self-esteem of the senior citizen or the sick person. Quite the contrary.

carer for the elderly

The appropriate live-in carer can completely transform the lives of their clients by offering physical assistance and support without diminishing their self-worth. The main advantage of live-in care is that the residents are helped, without having to change their place of residence and habits and the huge shock that this entails. Everything is done in the most psychologically ecological way possible, while all practical duties are fulfilled at the highest level.

How to find a live in caregiver for the elderly – live-in carer recruitment process step by step

Are you wondering how to find a live-in carer for the elderly? Find out more about the process of recruiting live-in carers and approach this topic equipped with the knowledge you need to provide the best possible support to your loved ones.

Find the right live-in carers agency

The first step of how to find a live-in carer for the elderly is to find the appropriate live-in carers agency. To do this, carefully check reviews from clients and staff, find out what is on offer and what it costs, and then make an appointment.

The right agency such as Veritas Care always checks the credentials and qualifications of its staff, offers emergency substitution, legal billing, training and monitors the quality of its staff.

how does live in care work

Talk with our customer care team

When you contact us, a member of our staff sets up a meeting with you and the senior or sick person who requires assistance, during which we and our customer care team identify your expectations and needs. In this question, we detail the most pressing problems and the responsibilities of the potential live-in carer. You may then be asked about your lifestyle, the severity of your health problems or your temperament.

Once our customer care team has all the information, they then prepare a list of candidates for you who have the most suitable experience and skills.

Choose a live-in carer

Once you have a list of candidates, you then need to choose the right person just for you based on the information you have given about the potential live-in carer regarding their disposition, knowledge and experience.

Conduct a trial day

After you have selected the right person, it is a good idea to conduct a trial day or several hours with the chosen candidate to make sure that the person suits the senior and that they can fulfil the given duties.

During this day, it is worth keeping a close eye on the emerging relationship between the mentee and the caregiver, but also take into account that sometimes people need to get to know each other in order to establish a closer connection.

how does live in care work

Hire the person of your choice

And when all is well, you are then faced with the final stage, which is to hire the person of your choice. Congratulations! You have provided your loved ones with a level of excellence.

How to find a live-in carer for the elderly – conclusions

In a conclusion, it is worth emphasising once again that live-in care is the best form of support for the elderly and ailing, as it helps to maintain self-esteem and control over one’s own life. The right live-in carer can improve your loved one’s quality of life, becoming their friend and confidant whose mission is to make their daily life easier, with as much independence as possible.