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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Veritas Care’s Professionals for Elderly Parent Care

Sooner or later a conundrum arises in everyone’s life when it comes to providing elderly parent care. Not everyone has the time and skills to provide adequate elderly parent care. Sometimes help with caring for elderly parents is essential. This is completely normal.

That is why today we are covering this not-so-simple topic. Today we tell you what live-in care is and what the responsibilities of an elderly parent carer are, and we tell you why Veritas Care is the live-in care agency for effective elderly parent care.

What is live-in care?

Live-in elderly parent care means that a fully trained carer from a live-in care agency lives in the home with a senior close to you to assist and monitor their health. The carer supports seniors with their specific needs to make them feel comfortable, independent at home and active outside the home.

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A live-in elderly parent care professional helps with personal care, and specialised medical care, takes care of diet and nutritional needs, accompanies and offers mental support, and completes daily household chores such as cleaning, ironing and laundry.

Sometimes, she also fulfils the role of personal chauffeur and drives the senior to classes and medical appointments. Whether it’s helping with personal care, housekeeping or getting around the house, caregivers from proven live-in care agencies become a rock for their residents, allowing them to live the life they want each day, as well as their closest friends and confidants.


Advantages of hiring a carer for a senior citizen from a live-in care agency

Hiring a carer for a senior from a live-in care agency allows them to stay in their own home and familiar environment. This in turn allows for avoiding changes that can be very shocking for ageing people. This allows the senior to maintain the same habits, hobbies and interests to which he or she is accustomed. By hiring help with caring for elderly parents, both your life and their daily life improve.

Another advantage of hiring a carer for a senior from a live-in care agency is that such a professional provides flexible elderly parent care, tailored to their preferences on a seven-day-a-week, round-the-clock basis. Caregivers monitor health and provide safety and exclusive support that improves seniors’ quality of life.

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However, the benefits of employing live-in carers do not end with physical services. Such people also provide emotional support for older people who often suffer from loneliness and social exclusion. By employing a live-in carer, you provide your loved ones with a company, whether it be sharing meals, watching TV or enjoying days out. It is therefore a comprehensive solution for improving the well-being of your parents.


The importance of choosing the right live-in care agency

Choosing the right live-in care agency is of the utmost importance for the quality of the services provided by a particular live-in carer. By doing the right research, you can ensure that the professional in question can boast the right experience and qualifications.

A proven live-in care agency always screens its employees and carries out regular training to improve the qualifications of its staff.

Another plus of a good live-in care agency is that, when using its services, you can always count on the support of coordinators and a replacement in the event of the illness of a regular carer or if the person does not suit the senior.

And the icing on the cake is that the live-in care agency takes care of all legal, financial and tax issues.


Veritas Care – the best live-in care agency to provide elderly parent care

Find out why Veritas Care is the best live-in care agency to provide the ultimate and most affordable elderly parent care. Below you will find the key arguments for choosing Veritas Care’s live-in care agency.

A wide range of candidates 

At Veritas Care, we know how important it is to get the right match between the live-in carer and the elderly parent, which is why we are delighted to be trusted by so many care professionals. We are now a live-in care agency with one of the largest candidate choices for our clients.


When you choose Veritas Care, you can rest assured that all paperwork is completed with due formality and that all our staff have been properly screened. We always check the references and qualifications of our candidates and have a database of people to replace them. That’s why Veritas Care is a safe choice.

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Premium quality 

Veritas Care employs only committed and qualified employees. We carefully check their qualifications, as well as their performance during job assignments. Furthermore, we regularly conduct professional training and soft skills courses, so that our live-in carers continue to develop and provide the best elderly parent care services on the market.

Attractive pricing 

Veritas Care is a live-in care agency that cares about both parties and offers the most attractive price/quality ratio for the services offered. We want every elderly person and their family to be able to afford quality support, which is why we focus on attractive prices.

Choose the best live-in care agency

We hope we have convinced you that Veritas Care is the best choice, if not, let our wonderful carers do it for us. Make an appointment for a consultation and secure the best help with caring for elderly parents.