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Memory games for seniors

Our seniors’ memory tends to fade as they become older. As a result, we must work with them to improve their memory so that they do not forget the most significant aspects of life. By introducing memory games for seniors, we provide an easy approach for seniors to improve their memory while also giving them a way to have fun.

Brain games and easy memory games for seniors:

It is no secret that the elderly, particularly those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, require mental stimulation. Memory games are a fantastic way to exercise the brain while also strengthening the bond between you and the senior.

Caring for elderly parents demands a lot of time or effort, but it does not have to be tedious and monotonous. We can teach elders new, simple, and entertaining ways to improve their memory capabilities. Memory care is just as vital as physical and mental care, which is why we should focus on providing an enjoyable and safe environment for our elders to practice and improve their cognitive skills. There are several enjoyable and motivating games available for the elderly.

So, what are the best brain games for seniors? Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Jigsaw puzzles – as long as there are no missing pieces, it’s a fun and time-consuming game that seniors can play whenever they like, and the satisfaction they’ll feel after finishing it will increase their confidence.
  • Bingo – a popular game, especially among the elderly, because of its calming nature and several health benefits. It improves focus, short-term memory, and listening abilities, as well as socialization.
  • Sudoku – originating from Japan, Sudoku is a great logic-based game that builds problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.
  • Scrabble – it expands the senior’s vocabulary, boosts creativity, enhances focus, and does not overwhelm, making it a simple and relaxing game for anyone and everyone.
  • Board games – there are plenty of simple board games to hone memory skills. Board games such as chess may protect elders from developing dementia.
  • Crosswords – they relieve stress; you can relax and enjoy a little respite from everyday life by concentrating on the clues and the puzzle at hand.
  • Card memory games – Everyone is familiar with and enjoys card games; memory cards are an excellent method to improve memory and bond with others, especially dementia patients; it is an excellent dementia activity.


Trivia game night – a brilliant brain game

Who doesn’t enjoy a good old-fashioned trivia night? It’s not just a fantastic game for the elderly, but it’s also a great deal of fun for the entire family. Grandparents and parents are extremely important; they raised us and taught us a variety of lessons, and so we should spend more time with them and plan a night when the entire family can have fun. While you’re getting ready, come up with easy quiz questions for the elderly, nothing too difficult or complex. It is expected to boost a senior’s self-esteem and confidence. It’s also a wonderful exercise for seniors over 70 because it helps them to reflect on things they’ve seen in the past and search their minds.

Not only does the elder spend quality time with the entire family, but they also get a sense of accomplishment after finishing the game. Just make sure the questions aren’t too difficult so that the senior will have a chance to show off their knowledge. You might also group the questions into categories like flags, movies, the royal family, ect. We recommend the following easy quiz questions for the elderly:


  • What is the main colour of the Turkish flag?
  • How many stars are there on the American flag?
  • What are the three colours that the Italian flag is made up of?


  • In the Harry Potter films, who played Ron Weasley?
  • Who is the main character of Home alone?
  • what year was the original Oliver Twist made?

Royal family:

  • How old is the Queen?
  • What are Prince Charles’ children’s names?
  • How did Princess Diana die?

These are just a few of the suggested questions; coming up with your own is also a lot of fun, so you should give it a shot.

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Word association

A game called word association is another excellent exercise for seniors over the age of 70. Simply say a random word, and the elder must say another phrase that they associate with the first, and then you take turns until one of you is stumped and cannot think of another word. It’s also tricky because the words can’t be repeated. This game has numerous advantages, including assisting the elderly in making connections between words and providing excellent memory care.

To give you an example:

Dog → sticks → trees → forest → nature → wildlife → Tiger

and so on.

This brings us to the end of our list of senior memory games; with these, you can keep the elderly entertained while simultaneously developing their minds and developing their memory. Spending time with elderly family members can also help reduce the risk of depression in seniors.

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