How to decide on the right carer for the elderly?

How to decide on the right carer for the elderly?

Sooner or later each of us has to face the issue of finding the most appropriate form of support for ageing relatives and parents. Choosing the right carer for the elderly is not the easiest thing to do. After all, not everyone knows what makes a good carer, nor how to find a carer who matches the expectations of our loved ones. The care market is huge, which makes it even more difficult for us to choose.

Hence, it is worth thinking about this in advance and finding out what qualities and skills a carer for the elderly should have, what makes a good carer and, finally, how to find a suitable person to help your loved ones. Therefore, there is no need to wait. Let’s get down to it now and find out how to find a carer who meets your loved ones’ expectations.

What to look for in a carer?

What qualities and education should a carer for the elderly have? It is worth considering this question in more detail.

Attributes of a good carer for the elderly

A good carer for the elderly can be anyone regardless of age and gender. These qualities are definitely secondary, as it is the character traits that should be looked at first. Any person who is calm and open-minded will do well as a carer for the elderly. It is important to bear in mind that older people can often be aggressive or negative towards people who want to help them, so inner tranquillity is something that must accompany a carer for the elderly.

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Alongside character traits, it is also worth bearing in mind certain physical characteristics. A carer for the elderly assists an older person with daily toiletries and sometimes also with getting up, which means that the person should have a certain physical strength. Therefore, stamina and fitness are desirable qualities for a carer for the elderly.

Education and qualifications of a good carer for the elderly

When it comes to the education and qualifications of a good carer for the elderly, such a person does not need to have a special diploma but a degree in nursing and medicine is always an asset — especially in the case of a senior citizen with poor physical health who requires regular treatments or medication in the form of injections. Even a basic knowledge of medicine is an invaluable advantage in the job of carer for the elderly.

What makes a good carer?

A good carer for the elderly is first and foremost a calm person with a great deal of self-distance. The job itself is not very complicated, which is why the right approach to the client is so important in this industry. Older people are often distant and, in extreme cases, aggressive when it comes to transferring responsibility for their lives and well-being to others, which is why a carer for the elderly must be able to perform his or her duties in such a way that the client does not feel bad.

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In addition, as in any work with people, openness and communication are important. A good carer for the elderly can find a common language with everyone. This is not about being the centre of attention, but about a healthy balance, sympathy and lack of prejudice.

How to choose a carer?

Here are some steps on how to approach the search and find a carer who would meet your loved ones’ requirements.

Identify the needs of your loved ones

To begin with, you need to talk to your loved ones who require help. Ask them about their health conditions, limitations and problems they face daily and which carer for the elderly would suit them best. Based on this dialogue and the conversation with the doctor, create a list of expectations for the potential carer for the elderly and an inventory of the skills and responsibilities they should have.

Find the right live-in carers agency

Next, you need to find a suitable carer agency. To do this, carefully check client and staff reviews, find out what is on offer and how much it costs, and then make an appointment.

Veritas Care always checks the credentials and qualifications of its staff, offers emergency replacements, legal billing, and training and monitors the quality of its carers’ work, so you can be sure you’re choosing the best.

Talk to an agency’s customer service team

Then it’s time for a meeting where we identify your expectations and needs with the customer service team. Then we discuss your most pressing concerns, and the potential carer’s responsibilities, as well as the senior’s lifestyle, the severity of health problems or temperament. After this conversation, you receive a list of candidates who have the most relevant experience and skills.

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Choose a carer for the elderly

Now you need to choose the right person for you based on the information you have given about the potential carer regarding their disposition, knowledge and experience.

Conduct a trial day

Once you have selected a potential carer for the elderly, it is a good idea to carry out a trial day with the candidate and make sure that the person is a good match for the senior and that they can fulfil the assigned duties. Then closely observe the emerging relationship between the mentee and the carer and their approach to the senior.

Choosing a carer for the elderly

Bravo! You have chosen a carer for the elderly! Now all that is left for you to do is to enjoy the fact that your loved one has support and monitor their work regularly.