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5 Reasons To Consider Hiring Elderly Live-in Care

Wondering how to help a loved one who is entering the final stage of life? Not sure if your close relative requires 24-hour live-in care? You know your loved one needs help with daily responsibilities, but don’t know how to arrange it? Or are you finding it hard to combine work with the responsibilities that have fallen on you because of an elderly person in your family? Today, we will try to dispel your doubts and suggest the best option for supporting the elderly in your life and present the reasons why it is possible that hiring specialized live-in care is the optimal solution. The issue is serious and complex, so without further ado, let’s get started!

Live-in care or care home?

The decision about providing care for a loved one is an important and complex matter. We often debate whether a care home or hiring a live-in care professional is the better option. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the decision often depends on individual circumstances and the preferences of the older person. While both options have their pluses, you cannot ignore how big of a change, and often a shock to the senior, moving into a nursing home usually is.

True, the senior gets round-the-clock care and the company of other seniors in return, but they lose most of their familiar things, people and surroundings. Therefore, one of the main reasons why it is wise to choose live-in care, is that then nothing changes for the worse in the senior’s life. By choosing this option, the elderly person has professional 24-hour live-in care, and at the same time gains a permanent companion without having to give up their existing life and sense of independence. These are the main benefits of live-in care and the reasons why this option is so often chosen over a nursing home.

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What are the benefits of live-in care?

One of the biggest benefits of live-in care is the round-the-clock care from a specialist who makes caring for that one person a priority. Live-in caretakers have no other responsibilities than looking after the health and well-being of the person they care for. This gives the chance not only to provide professional care, but also to establish a real relationship with the senior, so that he or she has a real companion and does not feel lonely and unnecessary. In addition, live-in care professionals are extensively trained, often with nursing courses, which can be especially useful for seniors with chronic illnesses or dementia. Another reason why to choose live-in care is to help with daily chores, such as cleaning and cooking, but we will discuss this in more detail in the next part of this article!

5 reasons to consider elderly live-in care

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a live-in carer.

Maintaining a sense of independence

Maintaining an older person’s sense of independence is one of the most significant benefits of live-in care. On the surface, it may not seem like such a big deal, but a sense of independence and belonging to a community are the cornerstones of an older person’s mental health. Thanks to the work of skilled live-in caretakers, a senior will not feel like an unnecessary burden, but will live out the last years of their life in a safe and attentive atmosphere.

Assistance with everyday duties

Older people usually struggle with chronic illnesses, pain and mobility problems, which can make even simple tasks such as cleaning and cooking difficult. This is where live-in caretakers come to the rescue, relieving the elderly person of the daily chores, as well as taking care of their balanced diet, so important in the prevention of old age diseases.

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No need for a complete change of lifestyle

Older people tend to have their own tastes and rituals. Their homes are usually real sanctuaries of love and memories that they have created over the years and which they do not want to leave. This is why the most convenient option is to bring help to them, instead of completely changing their lifestyle and environment, as would be the case if they were moved to an old people’s home. With live-in care, the senior maintains their independence and lifestyle, and the professional in question adapts to their rituals and preferences. This gives the elderly a sense of worth and is not associated with shock.

Medical support

Live-in care professionals often boast medical training and education, and therefore provide excellent medical support for the elderly. Such individuals are able to monitor a senior’s health and well-being on a 24/7 basis and respond quickly in crisis situations. And we know how much a quick call to the doctor can change things! The duties of live-in caretakers may also include administering medication or giving injections.

Indispensable companionship

Apart from the practicalities mentioned above, one of the biggest advantages of live-in care is the genuine, warm relationship that the senior and the carer can establish. A close relationship with another person reduces the risk of depression and other mental illnesses, and makes the senior feel part of the community, so this is a plus not to be missed!

These are all reasons why you should consider 24-hour live-in care, we hope we have helped you a little in this difficult decision of choosing senior support.