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How To Find a Live-in Carer – Top Tips And Tricks To Find the Best Possible Care For Your Loved Ones

Thinking about employing live-in care for elderly in your life? Do you seek support for your ageing parents or relatives? Finding a live-in carer who is professional and reliable is not the easiest of tasks. You need to approach your search with the right knowledge of what to look for and where. Find out how to find a live-in carer who meets the requirements of your loved ones. Learn tips and tricks in hiring live-in care for elderly.

The advantages of finding a live-in carer for your loved ones

Before we get to the question of how to find a live-in carer, let’s consider what such a person does and how they can help your loved ones. What are the responsibilities and advantages of finding a live-in carer for your loved ones?

Advantages of hiring a live-in carer for your loved ones

Below you should find the biggest advantages and the most important responsibilities of a live-in carer, which should give you an idea of what and who to look for.


Live-in care for the elderly is a guarantee of safety for the seniors in your life. Such a professional accompany seniors on a daily basis and keeps an eye on their health and well-being. This way, you gain the assurance that your senior is always cared for, especially in the event of a fall or health accident. The presence of a younger person in the senior’s home also reduces the chances of robbery and theft.

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Comfortable living

Live-in care for the elderly improves their overall living comfort. The live-in carer fulfils the role of cook, nurse, chauffeur, home help and, most importantly, companion in daily life. This enables the senior citizen to enjoy a fully normal and comfortable life in society despite illness and health problems. They will accompany the senior, find activities and drive him to medical and social appointments.

Assistance with daily tasks

If you are wondering how to get carers for the elderly then most likely your loved one is no longer as fit as he or she once was. However, this should not be an obstacle to enjoying life and living comfortably. Live-in care for the elderly means comprehensive services that incorporate support with dressing, personal hygiene, cleaning, cooking, ironing and even shopping.

As you can see, live-in care for the elderly is the best option to ensure that your senior gets the best support to maintain their mobility, quality of life, comfort and safety. Now let’s find out how to find a live-in carer who will satisfy you and the senior in your life.

Identifying your needs and preferences — the first step in finding a live-in carer


The first step in choosing a caregiver is, of course, determining the needs and preferences of the senior. This includes the senior’s preferences in terms of care, as well as such mundane matters as budget. What should you take into account?

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The most important consideration is the condition and physical capabilities of the senior for whom you need help. Have a frank conversation with the senior about his or her difficulties and needs, and then consider what kind of help your loved one needs.

Is the senior able to perform daily activities such as dressing or shopping independently? Do they experience mobility problems or is unable to drive? Do they require 24-hour live-in care for the elderly, or is a part-time person sufficient? Answer all these questions for yourself and, based on them, write down a list of expected duties to be performed by the professional.

Determining budget and responsibilities — the second step in finding a live-in carer

Once you have determined your preferences, you need to think about your budget and also do some initial market research. Just do a search for “live-in carers near me” and look at the adverts. That way, you’ll know what your options are, how much you can spend and you can get on with the actual search.

Selecting an agency or independent search – third step in finding a live-in carer

Finally, it’s time to do the actual search. You have two options. You can either opt for the services of a proven recruitment agency, or you can search on your own. Obviously, the former is preferable, as agencies have their own databases of carers whose experience, work and education are properly checked and verified. Agencies also help with all the documentation needed for legal employment, as well as tax issues. This option also ensures that you do not risk any interruption in helping your loved ones in the event of a holiday or illness of a live-in carer.

Searching on your own is a bit of a gamble. You may come across a great specialist, but also someone who is completely unfamiliar with the subject. If you search on your own, you will find it difficult to verify the person’s credentials and, in the event of their holiday, the senior is left without help. However, if you want to take the risk then check references properly, carry out a trial day and consult a lawyer and accountancy firm to save yourself problems in the past.

What to look for when choosing a live-in carer

Your search is over. You have selected several candidates.  Now what? What should you consider when choosing a live-in carer?

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First of all, don’t choose on your own – ask your senior’s opinion. Not every temperament works well together, so it’s worth giving both people time. Secondly, it’s worth conducting a trial day or several to see if the person can perform their duties, and with what attitude they help your loved one.

Then all that’s left to do is to choose the best candidate and observe them at work for the first few days. And…

Bravo! You have found help for your loved ones and kept them safe!