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The Biggest Benefits of Getting Live-in Care for Couples

Are your parents or grandparents getting weaker with age? You would like to help them with their daily chores, but you work a lot and live quite far away? Would you like to know how to help your loved ones?

Then you have come to the right place! Today we will tell you about live-in care for couples. We will present the main advantages of this option and give you tips on where to find live-in care professionals for couples at attractive prices.

What is live-in care for couples?

Live-in care for couples involves employing a care professional to assist with daily household chores, transport and personal hygiene. This option provides practical and cost-effective 24-hour support for both partners in the comfort of their homes. In this way, they do not have to experience a change of environment and can continue to enjoy their daily lives while receiving the care that each of them needs. Live-in care for the elderly is a great way to help your loved ones while not changing their daily habits and lives.

Live-in care for the elderly or moving into a retirement home – what’s better?

There is no denying that a move to a care home is recommended as a last resort. Such a move involves a huge shock of the change in environment and lifestyle. This is especially not recommended for couples who have different care needs. Few senior care homes offer shared rooms for mixed-sex couples. You may even find that the couple will have to live on different floors depending on the type of illness. This is not acceptable for most couples who have spent most of their lives together.

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That is why, when it comes to couples, live-in care for couples is strongly recommended. This allows the couple to stay in familiar surroundings and company. Nothing will change for the worse in their lives. And they will have a loyal companion and professional one-to-one support, which would be impossible in a care home. But let’s talk more about the advantages of hiring a live-in caretaker later in this article.

The biggest benefits of getting live-in care for couples

There are many advantages to employing couple care professionals for parents, grandparents or other relatives. Here are the most important ones.

Personalised care

The first advantage of live-in care for the elderly is personalised one-to-one assistance. Personalised care cannot be provided even in the best and most expensive care homes. With the care and support of a live-in caretaker, your parents can live their lives in their way, confident that they are receiving the best-personalised care to meet your needs, twenty-four hours a day.

It is an invaluable help, especially for people with chronic illnesses or senile dementia. By providing couple care for parents, you are choosing the highest quality of comprehensive support for both parents. The live-in caretaker will take care of daily household chores, remind you to take your medication, give you a lift to doctor’s appointments, do the shopping and all the time watch over and monitor the health of both people. This allows your loved ones to focus on enjoying life.

Familiar surroundings

By deciding to provide live-in care for couples for your loved ones, you are allowing them to remain in their own home, familiar surroundings and your company. Older people find it difficult to cope with change. And losing the familiar home they have cherished for years and in which they have lived the best moments of their lives can be a shock and an unmanageable problem.

LIve in care for elderly

A change of environment can lead to serious psychological problems and a general loss of vitality. For seniors, moving to a care home can mean giving up and being unwanted. This increases feelings of social isolation and powerlessness, which can result in apathy, eating disorders, depression and insomnia. Therefore, if you do not want to subject your family to such a shock, it is better to hire a live-in caretaker.

Saving money

Wondering how much does a live-in carer cost? I’m sure you’ll be surprised when we tell you that hiring a live-in caretaker can be a way to save money without compromising on quality. However, this is the truth. Living in a care home can cost between £1,500 and £6,000 per month per person, while top companies such as VeritasCare offer prices that are twice as low.

With us, you’ll only pay from £903 per week for live-in care for couples, whereas single-person care costs from £679 (companionship). And, most importantly, for this price, you get the highest level of professional help that is tailored to the needs of each person in the couple.

Getting live-in care for couples is the best option for you and your loved ones

Hiring a professional person to provide live-in care for couples is without question the best option for you and your loved ones. It’s an affordable solution that will give you peace of mind about your ageing parents and grandparents. It ensures that your loved ones living in the comfort of their homes are fully supported and cared for.