Elderly hygiene care

Personal hygiene care for the elderly – best practices for grooming and hygiene for seniors

Keeping up with the personal hygiene is important for our well-being. Unfortunately our elderly loved-ones often struggle to maintain good hygiene. Find out, what are the best practices for grooming and hygiene for seniors.
Elderly knitting in care home

How much does a care home cost?

Choosing the best possible care for the elderly family member can be quite difficult. Care homes are among the most popular services. However, it is worth noting that care homes are not the only viable option, when it comes to care for seniors. Knowing that there are more affordable care options will help you make an informed choice.
Live in care

What is the cost of live in care?

For many people, live-in care is an expensive care option and sometimes not even taken into consideration. In this post, we try to explain the real cost of live-in care, including the unmeasurable value of it.
Picture showing jug of lemonade and lemons

The importance of staying hydrated - signs of dehydration

Dehydration is a serious condition that may even be life-threatening, therefore it shouldn't be neglected. It is particularly dangerous for elderly people, who tend to get dehydrated more easily. Find out more how to prevent dehydration.
3 generations

The "sandwich generation": adult children of the ageing parents

People who are caring for both their elderly parents and their own children under 18 years old are called “sandwich generation”. The adults are somewhat squeezed - "sandwiched" - between their parents and their own children.
Nurse feeding an older lady

Malnutrition, dehydration, and pressure sores - a real threat in care homes

Although care homes should provide the best care possible to the seniors, there are numerous cases of malnutrition, dehydration, or pressure sores in care homes. Read more about these conditions and how to prevent them.