Senior Activities That Thrive Under 24h Care

Senior Activities That Thrive Under 24h Care

Most seniors under 24 hour care shun away from physical activities for various reasons, including health issues, fear of injury and a general lack of motivation. They also experience decreased energy levels, which leads to increased fatigue, making it relatively challenging for them to participate in an activity for long periods. Unfortunately, the lack of physical activity in seniors can have various adverse effects on their mental and physical well-being.

Seniors who live an active lifestyle are less likely to develop certain lifestyle-related diseases. By engaging in hobbies and activities for the elderly, you can lower the risk of developing some health issues, including heart disease, stroke and dementia. For seniors under 24 hour care, caregivers play one of the most essential roles in ensuring they get enough exercise, enhancing their mental health and physical well-being and promoting social interaction.


The Role of Caregivers in Activities for Seniors


As mentioned earlier, many older individuals may avoid physical activities due to health and physical problems. With that in mind, they may need the help of a caregiver who can tailor activities to suit their interests, health and mobility issues. The involvement of a 24-hour carer in activities for elderly individuals is significant for the following reasons:

  • Personalised approach – a one-to-one carer understands the issues and needs of the older individual. Therefore, they can apply a personalised approach to physical activities, ensuring they fit the senior’s unique interests and preferences.
  • Monitoring and collaboration – besides tailoring activities to suit the unique needs of seniors, caregivers will be there to monitor and collaborate with the seniors in their physical activities. That provides the elderly individuals with encouragement and companionship during these activities.

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Activities for Seniors Under 24 – Hour Care

Cognitive Stimulation Activities

Cognitive stimulation activities for elderly individuals refer to any activity designed to enhance their mental function. Mental stimulation is crucial for seniors for various reasons, including prevention of cognitive decline, enhancing memory and learning, maintaining mental agility and improved overall emotional well-being.

These cognitive stimulating activities can reduce or slow the rate of cognitive decline because they keep the brain active and engaged. Analogous to how lifting weights fortifies muscles, these cognitive stimulation activities workout the brain, effectively preserving its strength and cognitive function. That is what contributes to the benefits listed above, ranging from enhanced memory and learning to improved emotional well-being.

Examples of cognitive stimulation activities for seniors include:

  • Puzzles
  • Memory games
  • Interactive apps

Regularly engaging in these cognitive stimulation activities has immense benefits for seniors, especially those dealing with dementia and other cognitive impairments. They help slow down cognitive decline and enrich their overall quality of life. For instance, activities for dementia patients can promote a sense of accomplishment, which enhances their overall well-being. These activities range from arts and crafts projects and music therapy to puzzles and gardening.

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Bringing Outdoor Activities In

Seniors under 24 hour care may not always have the opportunity to venture into the outdoor world physically. However, the caregiver can bring elements of the natural world indoors, giving them a similar sense of joy and tranquillity. By creating indoor activities that facilitate a connection with nature, we promote relaxation and well-being in our older loved ones.

Some perfect examples of outdoor activities you can bring indoors include gardening, bird watching, nature-inspired crafts and virtual tours of parks. The presence of a caregiver can also allow seniors to safely explore the outdoor world occasionally. Whether going for picnics and short walks or birdwatching and games for old people, a caregiver will choose suitable locations, assess their mobility and provide the support needed. That ensures they prioritise the senior’s well-being while also allowing them an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Creative and Artistic Activities

Besides bringing the outdoors in, older individuals can also engage in creative and artistic activities. These activities offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits, contributing to emotional, physical and cognitive well-being. Some of the benefits include stress reduction, improved mood, enhanced cognitive function and boosted self-esteem. Completing artistic pieces can also be a fulfilling achievement for seniors, giving them a sense of purpose in their golden ages.


There are plenty of creative and artistic activities for elderly individuals. Examples include painting, crafting, music and storytelling. These activities not only allow them to engage their minds but also give them the opportunity to participate in the community fully. For instance, a caregiver may organise a visit to an orphanage where the senior can interact with children and tell them stories. Similarly, seniors can use their crafting skills to create pieces for community events.

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Success Stories


As we have already established, engaging in creative and artistic activities for dementia patients can improve a senior’s quality of life. Here are a few examples of seniors describing how discovering and utilising their skills in old age helped bring fulfilment and satisfaction:

Annemarie says, “I am 80 years old now, a retired teacher living in a senior living community. I discovered my passion for painting through art therapy sessions and found joy in expressing myself through intricate designs and vibrant colours. Over the past few years, my artistic endeavours have provided me with an outlet and an avenue to connect with my fellow residents. It has given me a sense of purpose, improved my confidence and given me the energy to get out of bed every day.”

Mark says, “I am a retired businessman, [and I] recently discovered my love for photography. My regular day involves exploring my surroundings and capturing the beautiful moments and wonders of nature. I would say photography has given me a fresh perspective on the world around me. Besides being an enjoyable activity, photography gives me a chance to exercise more because I walk a lot as I take photographs.”




Engaging in activities and games for old people offers a wide range of benefits, including enhanced physical and mental health. However, it is essential to have a caregiver close by to ensure their safety while they go about their daily activities. Contact Veritas Care today for a complete care assessment and more information with regards to activities for seniors.