Rainy day activities with seniors

Rainy Day Activities for Seniors and Their Live-in Carers

The weather in the United Kingdom is rather unkind to its inhabitants. Rain, wind and cold do not encourage trips and outdoor activities. So if you are in the UK, you will need lots of ideas about what to do inside on a rainy day! And if you are a live-in carer for the elderly, you will need them even more, as not only will you have a great time and bond together, but you will also improve your senior’s quality of life and health! Which rainy day activities do we recommend? You are about to find out!

Why is it worth preparing interesting indoor activities for seniors?

Engaging rainy day activities are of considerable importance for the mental state and health of elderly people. As it is well known, staying inside for a long time may increase inclinations to apathy or depression, which such ailments are prone to anyway. Besides, appropriate indoor activities for seniors can be part of the therapy, for example, in the case of an elderly person suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s also a great way to relax and improve your mood, and a wonderful idea to develop a lasting and friendly relationship with the person you care for. As you can see, rainy day activities have benefits for both the senior and the carer! Just what to do inside on a rainy day?

Under the umbrella

Rainy day activities for senior and live-in carers

There are hundreds, or thousands, of ideas for spending time together, so in today’s article we will focus on those that are the most relaxing, but also developing for seniors. We give different options of things for elderly to do at home, depending on their health, physical and mental condition, as well as their preferences and inclinations. We have something for active sixty year olds as well as indoor activities for seniors suffering from dementia that will help them maintain their mental and motor skills for longer. Options are endless, so without further ado, here are the most interesting ideas for rainy day activities for seniors, in our opinion.

Singing in the rain

The first of our ideas for what to do inside on a rainy day, is music! Listening, singing, and for the braver ones, even dancing, is one of the best rainy day activities for people of all ages and physical conditions. So be sure to implement a few minutes or an hour of listening to your favourite music into your schedule with the senior you care for! With today’s internet opportunities, you can successfully search for your senior’s favourite artists, show them your beloved tracks, and strengthen intergenerational relationships!

Senior man in the rain

Discover your inner artist

Another great idea for rainy day activities, in our opinion, is to discover your inner artist through creative activities. We are not just talking about painting landscapes or still life, as not everyone has the courage or ability to start with something so ambitious. For older beginners, we recommend starting with something simple. It could be sketching, colouring adult colouring books, or paint by numbers pictures! Each of these rainy day activities is senior-friendly, relaxing and develops manual skills.

Something for the DIY kings and queens

DIY has definitely captured the hearts of people all over the world, especially in times of pandemics when we’ve all become a bit of a prisoner of our homes. Handicrafts, embroidery, crafting diamond paintings, weaving carpets, personalising clothes, making rings and plates out of clay, braiding bracelets, restoring furniture, and finally knitting – all of these activities are perfect hobbies for older people and are also relaxing indoor activities for seniors!

MasterChef fun

Cooking and baking are great rainy day activities that you can indulge in either alone or with loved ones. If the weather’s not good, offer the elderly person in your care a MasterChef-like challenge, or simply prepare a favourite childhood dish or sweet treat. It’s sure to be great fun, and you’ll have dinner on your hands!

dancing in the rain

How about a little competition?

Board games and jigsaw puzzles have been making a much bigger splash with adults than kids lately! An interesting board game is not a great fun and addictive way to spend your free time that will help you feel like a kid! They will make you feel the true call of adventure and the joy of competition! Therefore, if you are looking for things for the elderly to do at home, we recommend visiting your nearest board game shop or bookstore and buying an interesting game for adults! Entertainment is guaranteed!

Movie night

One last idea for indoor activities for seniors is to catch up on some movies! These days everyone probably has Netflix, and if not, there are plenty of websites where you can binge on movies. So the next time you are wondering what to do inside on a rainy day, ask your senior about their favourite movie from their youth, their preferred genre, or suggest an item yourself! It’s a peaceful and enjoyable activity for seniors in any physical condition!

And what ideas for rainy day activities with your senior would you add to this list? We are very curious because as you know, there are never enough ideas for indoor activities for seniors, so we look forward to your comment below the article!