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Find the Best Live-in Care – London Edition

Are you considering arranging support for yourself or an ageing relative? Do you reckon you need the help of a professional live-in carer but do not know how to find one?

The market for live-in care in London is enormous and overcrowded. At every turn, you see new adverts entitled “London home care vacancy”, or “Live-in care London agency”. The only question is how to choose the appropriate one. How do you make sure that your loved one or you are not scammed and get the best possible help? This is what you will learn through this article.

Live-in Care – London

Finding the appropriate live-in care professional can be difficult. Especially in a city as huge and opportunity-rich as London. There are hundreds of different companies and recruitment agencies in the London market. Not all of them are reliable and maintain honest working practices.

Therefore, in the rest of this article, you learn what live-in care is, what are the duties of live-in carers and detect the best and proven company of elderly carers in London.

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Live-in care agencies – London

There are hundreds of different live-in care agencies in London. Not all of them are going to meet your expectations of the quality of work or even the services offered. Therefore, keep the following information in mind when choosing the right one for you or your relatives.

Duties of live-in carers

The duties of live-in carers should include providing comprehensive support to an older person. Do not be fooled into thinking that you have to pay more for some of these. As a standard, a London live-in carer provides support to seniors by dropping them off at medical appointments, shopping, domestic help, cleaning, bathing, grooming and sometimes providing medication and feeding the elderly person.

Salary of live-in carers

London live-in carers earn on average between £100 and £150 per day. Keep this in mind when looking at job adverts, as some London home care agencies overstate the rates or, conversely, understate them to the detriment of the quality of work. Remember, however, that the cheapest adverts may involve fraud or incompetence on the part of the carer. At Veritas Care you can expect a rate of around £750-900 per week depending on the scope of the carer’s duties. That is a fair rate that is in line with market conditions and takes into account the welfare of both the client and the live-in carer.

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References and experience of live-in carers

Before you choose any of the live-in carers agencies familiarise yourself with the entire recruitment and vetting process of potential candidates. Some intermediary firms do not check the skills and experience of candidates, so there is a chance of ending up with someone who does not meet your expectations or those of the seniors in your life.

What is live-in care in London with Veritas Care?

Live-in care in London with Veritas Care means professional elderly support that enables your loved one to live independently surrounded by their beloved pets and unlimited family visits, with 24-hour peri-medical support and health monitoring. Veritas Care carefully selects the caregiver who will reside in the client’s home concerning their preferences, experience and health requirements, thus providing them with individualised, 24-hour support at the highest level. We recognise that special needs require special attention and care. The caregivers we work with can meet the needs of people with a wide range of conditions because we only hire passionate people, review their habits and experience, and provide regular training and professional coaching.

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As a Veritas Care agency, we have extensive experience in introducing the highest quality live-in carers in London and the whole United Kingdom. We are driven by the principles of quality, integrity, passion, dignity and equality and make every effort to ensure that our values are reflected in our interactions with our clients, as well as in the work of our elderly carers.

If you wish to get best live-in care in London opt for Veritas Care live-in care agency

Choosing Veritas Care means you can be assured of the highest quality live-in home care services for you and your loved ones. Our decades of experience and feedback from both our staff and clients are testament to that. Because our mission is not just to make money, but to provide the best possible care for seniors and ensure good working conditions for our team.

Therefore, if the best live-in care in London is what you are looking for then be sure to take a peek at our website or contact us.