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Dementia Live-in Care with Veritas Care

Dementia is a common disease that is often still under-reported. Therefore, to fill this gap here is an article about this condition and the ways of caring for someone with dementia.

Would you like to learn about dementia live-in care? Are you interested in the principles of caring for someone with dementia? Find out about the importance of providing quality dementia live-in care and ways of caring for someone with dementia. You can find it all in this article, so keep on reading.

What is dementia?

Senile dementia once meant changes in cognitive functioning, which were thought to be a natural part of the human ageing process. Today, memory impairment and other manifestations of senile dementia are no longer considered naturally occurring phenomena, but rather symptoms of one of the distinguished dementing disorders. Currently, the WHO reports that 50 million people worldwide suffer from senile dementia, although this number is expected to exceed 80 million by 2030 and 150 million by 2050. It is therefore important to raise awareness of care for dementia patients and the benefits of dementia live-in care.

The onset of dementia in the elderly population occurs when a range of symptoms are observed. Among the most significant, we can mention the following:

  • deterioration of mental performance (especially short-term memory)
  • personality changes
  • increasing difficulty in managing daily activities independently (loss of cognitive abilities and skills related to daily activities)

caring for someone with dementia

Be alert also when your elderly loved one or relative starts to:

  • Forget recent conversations or events.
  • Place objects in the wrong places.
  • Forget the names of places and objects.
  • Have trouble choosing the right word.
  • Repetitively ask questions.
  • Have poorer judgement or find it harder to make decisions.


The basics of dementia live-in care

To begin with, it is important to observe the patient’s mental state, establish contact, and take an individual approach to both the patient and the problem they are facing. It is necessary to make the senior as comfortable as possible in terms of psychological and physical well-being. It is helpful to give brief and factual information, avoid changes in the patient’s environment, make friendly gestures, listen actively or carry out routine tasks at the same time.

dementia live in care

It is also beneficial to reduce anxiety by being with a trusted person such as a live-in carer, reminding the patient of their identity and important life events, and making the patient feel safe to minimise anxiety and fear. This also involves a safe environment. The most important thing is to prevent access to potentially dangerous objects such as sharp tools, medication, electricity and gas. An essential element is the administration of medication as prescribed by the doctor, and regular cooperation with a psychologist, a geriatrician and a psychiatrist.


What is dementia live-in care at Veritas Care?

Caring for someone with dementia is a very difficult task, especially for those who are emotionally attached to the patient. Dementia live-in care requires a great deal of knowledge, tact and skill, so it is worth taking a responsible approach to choosing a competent professional or elderly care agency. Now let us tell you what dementia live-in care at Veritas Care is all about.


Personal hygiene

Caring for an elderly person is an occupation that requires a good deal of tact, which comes in particularly handy when carrying out one of the most important duties of a carer caring for someone with dementia, namely helping the senior with daily grooming and hygiene routine. A caregiver providing care for dementia patients must know how to wash, comb and groom the senior so that he or she does not feel uncomfortable about it.



A caregiver for the elderly caring for someone with dementia at home usually supports seniors on all fronts and is therefore also responsible for cleaning the senior’s home or flat. Caregiver companies usually agree on the exact responsibilities with the client, depending on the elderly person’s capabilities, but it is worth preparing for the possibility that your duties will include sweeping, vacuuming or laundry.

dementia live in care


Working as a carer is not strictly limited to physical support. It is not uncommon for carers providing care for dementia patients to become the closest person to their guests, so the last duty we will discuss is the issue of providing companionship and mental support. A caregiver for the elderly in Germany should be open-minded, sociable and like people, as this will ensure her success in this job.


 Dementia live-in care at Veritas Care – why us?

At Veritas Care, we care about the highest level of our services, which is why we carefully verify the knowledge and experience of our caregivers, as well as carry out regular professional training, also in the field of care for dementia patients. By choosing us, you can be sure that your loved ones receive the best possible help.