Chair yoga

Chair Yoga for Seniors

We have already stressed the importance of physical activity for seniors on our blog many times, and we will not stop now, because exercise for seniors is of considerable importance, not only for their health, but also for their mental well-being. However, alongside the tremendous impact of sport on our health, we realise that not many senior citizens practise it.

Partly because of the limitations of their bodies, and partly due to the fact that the culture of physical activity was not as widespread in their time. This is why we have set ourselves the task of raising seniors’ awareness and offering them suitable and enjoyable forms of sport. Today we are focusing on senior yoga, and more specifically on one of the best types of yoga for the elderly, namely chair yoga!

Yoga – what is it?

Yoga is not only an exercise but also a way of meditation. It is a system of exercises and postures called asanas, which originated in ancient India. Asana means ‘comfortable position’, so every yoga position is considered optimal for human well-being and balance, although there are also very complicated, especially for beginners, asanas, which may even seem to take away a person’s balance. In addition to asanas, breathing techniques called pranayama are also very important in yoga, which in combination with physical exercises helps to achieve a state of balance of mind and body.

Chair yoga

What are the benefits of yoga for seniors?

Wondering what are the benefits of yoga? Yoga can be described as training for the body and soul. Practising not only has a great impact on well-being, but also a better understanding of one’s body and self-discipline for seniors. Maintaining a straight posture, strengthening muscles and improving mood are just a few of the benefits of yoga for seniors. Additional benefits of regular practice include improved blood circulation, support in restoring natural joint mobility, relief of joint and back pain and improved fitness.

Best types of yoga for the elderly

The most beneficial, safest and generally best types of yoga for seniors are hatha, kundalini, iyengara yoga and non-traditional chair yoga! Now let us tell you a little more about them.

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is an ideal form of yoga for seniors because it doesn’t put as much strain on the joints as conventional yoga. The benefits of chair yoga are available to seniors who have mobility or balance issues without having to sit on a mat. A huge number of asanas, ranging from spinal twists and hip stretches to opening the chest or hips, can be modified to be performed using a chair, and you can easily find the modifications and whole training chair yoga sessions on YouTube.

Chair and yoga mats

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a broad term used to describe variations of yoga based on asanas or asanas and pranayama, or specific breathing practices. Hatha yoga, as opposed to classical yoga, does not focus on the philosophical sphere, but on the physical practice that aims to overcome bodily limitations and strengthen the body, which is why it is a particularly recommended type of yoga for seniors. Hatha yoga at home, if practised consciously and skilfully, can produce the same results as a class under the guidance of a teacher, which is why it is suitable as yoga for over 60 seniors.

Kundalini yoga

Called the yoga of consciousness. Its practice is supposed to cleanse the body of bad emotions, which is why it is usually practiced alone and is one of the most popular forms of senior yoga type. In addition to breathing exercises, Kundalini practice also includes mantras and repetitive chants to stimulate specific emotions as well as mudras, or arm, hand and finger arrangements. This is yoga for seniors for whom spiritual development is important.

Man doing yoga

Iyengara yoga

In this variety of yoga, precision and attention to detail in performing individual asanas is important. Their careful execution and often prolonged maintenance of given positions is aimed at achieving balance and equilibrium as well as strengthening the body. Apart from the mat, during Iyengar yoga exercises additional accessories such as blocks, belts or mats are used, which makes it a dedicated yoga for seniors, also for complete beginners.

What other senior chair exercises are there?

Wondering about senior chair exercises? Apart from yoga, you will find plenty of other workouts and exercises modified in this way. Just type senior chair exercises into a search engine and you will find plenty of strengthening and stretching exercises with this use, from the realm of fitness, such as Pilates.

Chair yoga for seniors – entertaining, beneficial and healthy way of excercising

Chair yoga is a wonderful and extremely rewarding activity which is ideal for seniors as it does not put too much strain on the muscles and joints and promotes mental balance. If you are looking for an interesting and health-enhancing form of activity, be sure to try chair yoga or other forms of this sport!