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The benefits of live-in care for seniors: A personal story of Carla and Martha

Are you wondering if it’s worth thinking about hiring 24-hour at-home care for your ageing loved ones? Are you struggling to cope with helping your elderly relatives, but you hesitate whether hiring a live-in care professional is the best idea? Or do you need help yourself?

Let us introduce you to real-life stories of people whose lives have been transformed by hiring a live-in care professional. Today we’re interviewing Carla, who, after much deliberation, arranged for her ageing grandmother to receive professional 24-hour at-home care and in doing so transformed both their lives.


Carla’s story in a nutshell

Carla had always been close to her grandmother, Martha who currently lives near Liverpool. However, with age Martha’s health began to decline rapidly. Despite Carla’s efforts to help, it became clear that Martha needed more assistance than Carla could provide alone, taking into account her work and children. At first, Carla was hesitant about the idea of hiring a live-in caregiver for her grandmother, as she worried about the financial burden and the potential for strangers to intrude on Martha’s life. However, after careful consideration and discussions with her family, Carla decided to move forward with hiring a live-in elderly carer for her grandmother. And now we talk to her about what came out of it.

Familiarise yourself with its history. Below you will find a short interview with her, which should clear up any doubts you may have about live-in care.

The benefits of live-in care for seniors

Interview: How live-in care changed the lives of Carla and her grandmother

Q: What were the circumstances that led you to hire a live-in elderly carer for your grandmother?

Carla: My grandmother’s health was declining, and she needed more assistance than I could provide alone. I was worried about her being alone for long periods, and I knew I couldn’t take care of her on my own. I wanted to make sure she was comfortable and well cared for, so I started looking into options for live-in care.

Q: How did your grandmother react to the offer of employment for 24-hour at-home care professional?

Carla: She was apprehensive at first and maintained that she didn’t need help at all. However, after a long conversation and being presented with the alternative of moving to a retirement home, which would have involved finding a new home for Ben, her beloved cat, we jointly decided that it was worth giving live-in care a try.

Q: How did your grandmother’s relationship with the live-in care professional she hired work out?

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Carla: At first, both my grandmother and the live-in care agency recommended, Veritas Care, Camila, were a bit intimidated. However, after only a couple of minutes or so, it became clear that the two of them had a lot in common. Camila, like my grandmother, loves reading detective stories, cooking Italian delicacies and watching TV series. It was these passions that brought them together from the start and are still the main source of there, I am not afraid to use the word, extraordinary friendship. Thanks to it, my grandmother is no longer lonely and lives in complete comfort, security and companionship.


Q: How much does 24-hour care at home cost in the UK? What were some of the financial aspects you had to consider before hiring a live-in carer?

Carla: Hiring a live-in carer was a significant expense, and I had to carefully consider my budget before making a decision. I looked into different options and compared costs, and I also talked to my family about potentially pooling our resources to cover the cost of care.

After a thorough review of the costs at various live-in care agencies and retirement homes, I found that most homes of this type were too expensive for me. That’s why I opted for the live-in care services of the Veritas Care agency, as their prices were attractive, and the reviews were downright fantastic.

Q: What were some of the costs associated with hiring a live-in carer?

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Carla: The costs of hiring a live-in carer varied depending on the level of care required and the carer’s qualifications and experience. In our case, we decided to hire a carer with more experience and qualifications, which meant that the cost was higher than average, but still much less than a retirement home. We also had to consider additional expenses such as food and accommodations for the carer.

Q: Was it worth it in the end?

Carla: Absolutely. Hiring a live-in carer for my grandmother was one of the best decisions we ever made. The carer was able to provide my grandmother with the care and attention she needed, and it gave us peace of mind knowing that she was in good hands. The carer also became a part of our family and developed a close relationship with my grandmother, which was incredibly meaningful to all of us.


The benefits of live-in care for seniors – conclusion

As you can see, hiring a live-in care specialist has made a life-changing impact on Carla and Martha. Now Carla’s grandmother is safe and living in comfort, and Carla doesn’t have to worry about her any more. Therefore, if you think your loved one needs help, don’t wait, just give 24-hour at home care a try!