benefits of technology for seniors

Top 5 Benefits of Technology for Seniors

The leap in technology over the last thirty years is astounding. The Internet, smartphones, apps that make even the simplest of tasks easier – all of this was not present in the lives of our grandparents or even our parents. However, the Internet gives us so many opportunities that it’s worth persuading the seniors in our lives to jump in that boat too and experience the delights of online life. For there are a whole host of opportunities and benefits of technology for seniors, and you are about to find out exactly what kind.

Old people and technology

Technology can be intimidating, frustrating and incomprehensible, especially when you first encounter it. Old people and technology are not a match made in heaven. However, tech is not as bad as it is said to be. With a little patience, gadgets such as mobile phones for old people can dramatically improve the quality of life for seniors. Technology can save lives, help build relationships or occupy time. It can also support intellectual inquisitiveness, provide greater security and offer assistance. In the end, it all depends on how you use it. Still not convinced? So let’s take a look at the benefits of technology and gadgets for the elderly.

Older couple listening through earphones

Technology benefits for seniors and carers

Technology offers so much more than watching cute kitties play instruments, although that too is captivating. It can save lives! Take the example of the mobile phone for old people with dementia. With such gadgets for the elderly, they can communicate with the outside world and call for help when needed. It is also a great tool for carers of the elderly, as the technology can remind them to take their medication or monitor their blood sugar levels thanks to a special device connected to an app.

The benefits of technology for seniors

No more generalities. Now let’s take a closer look at the benefits of technology for seniors! What are the biggest advantages of gadgets for elderly?

Connection to the outside world

With gadgets such as mobile phones for old people, seniors can keep in touch with close and distant friends. They can use video calls to feel closer to family, and they can also use social media to create new contacts. Online, they will find plenty of groups of people with similar interests and hobbies, so they will not feel isolated from society.

Woman browing the internet

Ensuring safety

Another and perhaps the most significant of the benefits of technology for seniors is that it can keep seniors safe, and they are vulnerable to health problems as well as assault and theft. Technology, such as a telephone or emergency response system, can be helpful when they need to ask for help with health problems, or any other problems.

Stimulating brain function

Third on our list of benefits of technology for seniors is brain support. There are plenty of games, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and more available online or on smartphones that support memory and brain function, which is invaluable as a preventative measure against dementia. Technology seniors can improve cognitive and memory skills. There are several online brain games that can help seniors stay mentally fit. Games such as Tetris and Solitaire help with spatial recognition and memory. Puzzle games such as jigsaw puzzles or Sudoku require problem-solving abilities.

Health support

With mobile phone apps that audibly remind seniors to take their medication, technology can also make health care easier.  There are also special devices implanted under the skin and controlled by an app that monitor blood sugar levels, and many doctors’ online programs where they store up-to-date medication listings and medical records and offer easy access to test results to keep tabs on seniors’ health. We also have vital signs monitoring bracelets available to measure blood pressure or pulse. They can also be programmed to remind you when it’s time to eat or when you need a glass of water.

Senior woman on phone

Access to news, knowledge and entertainment

Technology offers access to the latest news via mobile phone, tablet or PC. The same goes for news about a senior’s hobbies and passions. Seniors can also explore a branch of science that interests them and learn languages. They can also get inspiration for new paintings, embroideries or other forms of spending time. And last but not least, technology offers a lot of space to occupy leisure time, thanks to applications such as YouTube, where they can find tutorials about anything, or Netflix and thousands of films and series.

Technology in senior living

Technology can dramatically improve the quality of life for older people. It allows them to feel part of society, keep in touch with loved ones, improve their physical and mental health, and find leisure activities. That’s why, if you are a senior citizen, you need to let go of preconceptions and start your adventure with technology, and if you have a senior in your life who shuns the charms of technology then you should persuade them to change their attitude!