Heart attack in women

Ways To Prevent Heart Disease for the Elderly

Introducing the most effective and easiest ways to avoid heart disease. We guide you through the intricacies of a healthy diet to support heart disease prevention, provide ideas for safe, active recreation and discuss the heart disease signs in older people. A definite must-read!
lack of appetite in elderly women and man

Lack of appetite in the Elderly

Many seniors may struggle during meal time. Eating is a struggle due to various health conditions. It can also suppress the appetite. What can you do to combat lack of appetite in the elderly?

Nutrition for elderly – how to maintain healthy diet when you’re older?

Bowel-related issues would put a damper on anyone's day. Unfortunately people who are over 60 years old have to face this issue quite frequently. What foods should elderly avoid? How to maintain healthy diet when you’re older? Read on and find out!