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Help for the Holidays: Carer-Assisted Holidays

They say that real life begins after sixty. And that may be true! Especially if you opt for the support of professionals! No one probably needs to be told about the benefits of live-in care at home. But did you know that you can hire elderly help for the holidays? You could choose between a trip on your own with a carer or a pre-arranged holiday for the disabled and carers. Old age is no reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure of travelling! And today we will tell you about the advantages of holidays for the elderly and the possibilities of travel care.

Should older people travel?

The answer to this question is simple – by all means! Travelling has lots of benefits for the body and spirit. Holidays are a way to get away from everyday life and relax, as well as a way to experience new stimuli and relationships. Holidays for disabled and carers are also a great way to bond with travel care and have the opportunity to feel young and full of vitality again. However, it is important to remember that older people are often not as fit as they once were and suffer from various illnesses, so independent travel for seniors is not recommended. To be on the safe side, it is best to find help for the holidays so that everything goes according to plan.

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What are the advantages of travel among older people?

The image of today’s senior citizens is changing rapidly, as today’s senior citizens are increasingly open to new challenges and physical activity and are moving away from the model of spending their days watching TV and solving crossword puzzles. Nonetheless, a routine can set in in the life of anyone over 60, and tourism for seniors is a perfect deviation from the daily norm. At a time when seniors have far fewer responsibilities than before, this activity allows them to continue to enjoy life, make everyday life more interesting and forget about existing health complaints. Now, let’s take a closer look at the advantages of holidays for the elderly.


Holidays for the elderly provide an opportunity for socialisation through contact with other people, with whom the senior citizens can talk, exchange experiences and experience new things together. In addition, trips organised by travel agencies, senior citizens’ clubs or universities of the third age offer a wide range of tourism to sacred places, sanatoriums, spas or spa centres. Thus, older people can not only focus on physical activity (e.g. hiking in the mountains) but also on deepening their spiritual life and taking care of their mental health and body.

Change of environment

The appeal of active tourism is also supported by a complete change in environment and even climate. Getting to know a different culture and the life of the people in a particular city or country is an excellent opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. Let’s remember that no one can take away our experiences.

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Supporting the brain

New stimuli support the formation of new neural connections and help to keep the mind clear and sharp. Experiencing new cultures, people, a change of environment and new experiences – all of which you can gain from travelling can also be perceived as a measure of a prevention of dementia and age-related diseases.

Why should seniors have help for the holidays?

Travelling has plenty of benefits for older people, but it is important to remember that seniors should not travel alone primarily for safety reasons.

Older people are much more likely to fall victim to muggings and pickpockets, as these people know that the physical capabilities of the elderly are diminished and they cannot defend themselves. Therefore, hiring help for the holidays is a way of avoiding these problems.

Moreover, travel-care providers support seniors with daily chores, getting around and planning trips.

However, the most important aspect of why you should have help for the holidays is the issue of health security. A travel-care provider will take care of medication reminders and monitor the health and life of the senior throughout the trip.


 “My name is Emily and I’ve always dreamed of taking a trip to Athens but never dared to do so. Until last year! That’s when I have taken my live-in carer, Nora, with me. It was the best decision I could have made. Nora helped me with everything from communicating with the Greeks, through reminding me to take my medication, to being a wonderful company. Hiring help for the holidays meant I was safe and had a marvellous time. Without Nora, my holiday would not have been successful! If holidays for the elderly then only with a professional!”

–         Emily Staut, 71 y.o.


Carer-assisted holidays – the way to a successful and safe holiday for the elderly

Hiring help for the holidays for the elderly is a way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. With qualified assistance, you can be sure that everything will go to plan. Professionals in this field will not only take care of the daily chores but will also be great company, making the senior citizen feel comfortable even in the most remote corners of the globe.