Seniors decorating eggs for Easter

Easter Activities for Seniors Living With Dementia

Holidays always go down in our memories as special times. This time is also particular for people with dementia, who often associate Easter celebrations with lifetime memories. It can, therefore, be both a traumatic and a happy time. So it’s worth making sure that things take a more positive turn! How to do it? Just prepare interesting easter activities for seniors with dementia! Fortunately, you do not have to come up with crafts or easter games for seniors on your own because in this article, we have included the most interesting, in our opinion, easter ideas for seniors with dementia that will make it a memorable weekend!

flowers for Easter

Why is it important to prepare easter activities for seniors with dementia?

Dementia is a particular condition that comes with many difficulties, confusedness and suffering. It’s a disease that is equally devastating for those who suffer from it, as well as loved ones and family. The Easter holidays, on the other hand, are a great opportunity to spend quality time together and catch up. It is also a time to make the most of. What do we mean by that? Well, easter activities for seniors with dementia, for one, are a way to keep the elderly person occupied as well as make family connections – do you know a better way to strengthen the bond between an old person and grandchildren than fun easter games for seniors and little ones? Secondly, engaging in easter crafts for seniors has a beneficial effect on their motor and mental abilities. Last but not least, taking part in easter games, activities and preparations makes seniors feel part of the community and allows them to feel the Easter spirit.

Easter ideas for seniors with dementia

We already know how important it is for older people, especially those with dementia, to participate in Easter preparations and celebrations for their mental and physical health. Therefore, we can now move on to present our ideas for easter activities for seniors with dementia! There will be something for the active and the more lazy, easter ideas for seniors with and without walking difficulties, arts and crafts activities, cooking and Easter games. We have plenty of ideas, so let’s get started!

Girl looking for hidden Easter eggs

Easter games for seniors

Easter abounds with activities for seniors with dementia. We have the famous egg hunts and egg rolling competitions. Seniors with dementia can, depending on their condition and ability, help prepare fun and hide eggs for the children, or even take part in the main Easter event by searching for eggs. In terms of preparation, you can lay out plastic eggs and other goodies, then ask an elderly to stuff them, then help them hide the eggs from the hunt and keep track of the number of eggs laid. Your older loved one is sure to have fun watching the search of junior family members looking for the hidden eggs. Other fun Easter games for seniors would be to take part in a rolling egg competition, or for the less mobile, Easter board games and jigsaw puzzles!

Easter crafts for seniors

When you hear about Easter crafts for seniors, there are bound to be hundreds of possibilities that pop into your head at once. That’s because Easter offers so many DIY opportunities! Some of the best Easter activities for seniors with dementia include painting Easter eggs, making Easter cards to send to friends and family, and creating spring decorations and floral arrangements. All you need to do is provide the older person with some art supplies, flowers and coloured paints and fun is guaranteed. These types of Easter crafts for seniors will keep the elderly person calm, engaged and in a real Easter mood. In addition to calming them down, these types of activities also have a very good effect on brain function and motor skills.

5 decorated eggs for Easter

Easter cooking for seniors

Like most Holidays, Easter would be impossible without sumptuous dishes and traditional treats! And helping to prepare and then eat them can be some of the most fun Easter activities for seniors with dementia! You could work together to make the traditional Hot Cross Buns, a sweet yeasty bun with sultanas, dried currants and cinnamon served on Good Friday, or ask for help to prepare a very popular festive dish simnel cake. The cake has dried fruit zest, a variety of dried fruits and spices in its ingredients, and is traditionally topped with eleven marzipan balls – if not baking from scratch, then at least shaping buns or decorations, such as those made of marzipan, are sure to please and benefit the senior!


And what kind of Easter activities for seniors with dementia have you prepared? We are very curious about your ideas! We hope you found this article useful, and welcome to the others available on our blog! Have a wonderful Easter!