dressing aids for elderly

Dressing aids for Elderly

As we get older, we find it harder to cope with everyday activities. Activities that we used to do without thinking now take up more and more of our time and strength. Simple tasks such as getting dressed, watering flowers or doing housework can be a source of annoyance and frustration for seniors. Fortunately, manufacturers are meeting seniors’ expectations by offering interesting dressing aids for elderly to help seniors maintain their self-reliance and vigour. And these are what we are going to talk about today. What interesting dressing aids are currently on the market?

What are dressing aids?

The term “dressing aids” refers to devices that make the process of getting dressed easier and are an important piece of everyday equipment for both people with mobility impairments and the elderly. These include, for example, dressing aids consisting of a wooden rod with a cunningly designed hook at one end that helps to pull a shirt up over the shoulder or hooks onto fabric to lift trousers off the floor. There are also zip pullers, button hooks, extremely helpful for people with the arthritic disease and difficulty handling smaller items. Dressing aids are a practical way of helping older people to live while maintaining an appropriate level of agility and independence.

Examples of interesting dressing aids for elderly

Here are some interesting gadgets to make putting on clothes for elderly women and men easier.

  • Stick with hooks – this is one of the simplest yet most functional dressing aids for elderly. A simple wooden stick with two hooked ends covered with plastic for pulling up trousers and zips or fastening buttons.
  • Plastic shoelaces – bending down to put on your shoes and re-tie your shoelaces gets more and more difficult and time-consuming as you get older. Because of this, there are special shoelaces that cannot be untied, which are a very useful example of dressing aids for elderly and many others.
  • Zipper pulling devices – special zipper pulling devices are useful for people in advanced stages of arthritis and people with severe disabilities.
  • Button hooks – button hooks are an idea to put an end to the struggle of buttoning up your favourite jumper. The tool goes through the buttonhole, loops around the button, and when pulled out, the button is fastened.

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Dressing aids and independence

Dressing aids are useful for most older people as they reduce the risk of straining muscles and joints when dressing. The idea of dressing aids for elderly has significantly improved the quality of life of older people and increased their level of independence, as they no longer have to search for special clothes for the elderly, but can instead use smart gadgets. As a result, older people are less likely to feel the discomforts of old age.

Dressing aids and health

Dressing aids have made it less of a problem to put on clothes for the elderly, but it should not be forgotten that this seeming independence may be illusory and it is necessary to monitor the condition of the elderly person because the issue of clothing is only one of the activities that may be hampered by old age and illness. And if your loved one begins to have serious problems with the simplest household activities, then in addition to buying smart gadgets, it is also worth thinking about hiring elderly live-in care.

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Dressing aids especially useful for elderly women

As we know, clothes for elderly women usually have far more different types of buttons, embroideries and all the other accessories that make them difficult to put on. Therefore, dressing aids are particularly useful for women when putting on clothes for elderly women daily.

In conclusion, we would like to point out again that although dressing aids are a good idea for older people to maintain a certain level of freedom and independence, they only help in certain circumstances. And if an elderly person is finding it increasingly difficult to complete simple tasks such as dressing themselves or cooking meals, then it is worth considering hiring for elderly live-in care to take care of their health and take the pressure off them.