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A Guide to 24-Hour Care for Seniors in Birmingham

Choosing the right senior care plan is the first essential step towards ensuring their safety and overall well-being. One of the most popular care plans today is 24-hour live-in care. This model involves round-the-clock assistance provided by a full-time carer who lives with the senior. It is a highly recommended option for elderly individuals who require continuous care and supervision due to severe health conditions or frailty caused by the ageing process.


Benefits of 24-hour Home Care in Birmingham


Personalised Care

24-hour live-in care ensures the older individual gets one-on-one care. That facilitates a higher level of personal care, where all the services, including activities and meals, are tailored to suit seniors’ preferences.


Having a live-in caregiver around always also helps ensure the safety of the elderly individual. These experts help identify and eliminate potential risks around the house, effectively keeping your loved ones safe from harm.

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Besides ensuring their safety, 24-hour home care for elderly individuals provides them with a one-to-one companion. The caregiver will not only provide physical assistance but also ensure the older individual has someone to turn to for emotional support.

Lifestyle Maintenance

Opting for 24-hour home care in Birmingham is a great way to maintain the older individual’s lifestyle. It allows them to remain in their homes, receiving individualised care without the need to move into a nursing home or disrupt their regular routine.

Peace of Mind

Working with a reliable 24-hour care agency in Birmingham to care for your elderly loved one will also give you peace of mind as you continue with your regular activities. You no longer need to worry about their safety as you are sure they are receiving the best possible care.


How to Find a Reputable 24-Hour Care Agency Birmingham


A thorough background check is essential to finding the right live-in care for your elderly individual. Here is a checklist to help you run a successful background check:

Verify Licensing

Before you hire a 24-hour home care agency, it is essential to check if they are licensed and accredited by relevant authorities. You can get this information online or contact an appropriate regulatory body for confirmation.

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Consider Experience Levels

It is also essential to consider the caregiver’s experience level before entrusting them with caring for your elderly loved one. A caregiver with years of experience is better placed to provide quality care because they may have encountered various situations and developed effective strategies for care.

Check Qualifications and Training

Another essential factor to consider before hiring home care for elderly individuals is training and qualification. A caregiver must possess the required qualifications, especially for positions that require specific expertise. So, confirm their credentials by reaching out to the institutions listed on the caregiver’s curriculum vitae.

There are many things involved when it comes to running background checks on live-in home care for elderly. These checks should be focused on evaluating their personal qualities, experience levels and skills. Here are a few simple ways to get more information about home care in Birmingham:

  • Read reviews – online reviews are a reliable source of authentic feedback from individuals who have worked with live-in care providers before. It gets you first-hand information regarding the quality of service and personal experiences with the agency. That is crucial to your background checks as it helps you determine whether the services align with your expectations.
  • Ask for recommendations – asking for recommendations from friends and family is another easy way to find reputable home care in Birmingham. It narrows down your options to a few agencies, making it easier to run background checks and settle on a tested and proven option.


Factors that Affect the Cost of 24-hour Home Care in Birmingham


When sampling senior care options, cost is an essential factor worth considering. Here are a few factors that determine the cost of 24-hour home care for older adults:

Level of Care Needed

The cost of care often depends on the complexity and intensity of care required by the senior. For instance, caring for an elderly individual with health issues, such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease, will cost a little more than providing care to a perfectly healthy individual.

Caregiver’s Qualifications

The cost of caregiving will also vary depending on the level of education and experience of the caregiver. In a nutshell, a highly educated and experienced caregiver will charge more than one with relatively lower experience and education.

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Additional Services Required

A live-in care provider will also charge a higher fee if there are additional services beyond basic caregiving. Examples of these additional services include medical care, transportation assistance and housekeeping/home maintenance duties.

Reputation of the Care Agency

The cost of 24-hour care may also vary depending on the agency’s reputation. Agencies that have been in the industry for a long time and have built a reputation are more likely to charge a higher fee than their counterparts.


Final Thoughts


Hiring a 24-hour live-in carer offers various benefits for the senior and family members. It guarantees the safety of seniors and provides them with personalised care, which helps relatives achieve peace of mind. Despite the vast array of advantages, this senior care plan is cheaper and very affordable for different classes. Visit our page today at Veritas Care to check out our fee for 24-hour in-home care and complete care assessment for your elderly loved one.